27 Oct 2015

October can be golden

Through the park of the castle

round the corner they lost their leaves alrleady

I am doing some handsewing -

inspired by my patchwork friends last Friday

I printed the templates myself on thicker paper -

not copy paper but 160g/qm - it is a light cardboard

I have a link on the right sidebar. You can choose whatever

size or shape you want - and print it at home for free.

I think it is very generous of "Kunst und Markt" to place

this at patchers' disposal. It can even be translated if you wish.



Multiple reflections - 5 handsewn birds reflected by

the window and the mirror.

so long...



  1. Beautiful trees! Your EPP is looking very nice. How big will that be?

  2. I can see the trees inspired your EPP. Great tricks of light in the window and mirror.

  3. love the autumn colours, hand sewing I find so relaxing it might take a lot longer but I do enjoy it especially hexies and hardanger that reminds me I have my hexie BOM for october still to do! they are in a little box somewhere

  4. The colours of autumn in your part of the world are stunning. I have always admired patchwork like yours, but have never tried it. Your photo of the mirror and birds is interesting.

  5. patchwork and Autumn....fantastic combination!! How are you? it was so good to hear from you....xx