9 Mar 2013

Tast stitches 56 and 57


Sailors stitch and sailors edge

 and which one is which one?
I like most the sailors edge which is on the bottom in green
(I can't do without green)
The leaf-like stitchings are the sailors stitches
also the terrible straight line on top - I covered the seam with it



  1. I agree, where does the Sailors Stitch end and the Sailors Edge Stitch start? Your stitch combinations are all very effective.

  2. Yea! for the green. Very nice stitching. I haven't tried this one yet.

  3. Wow! These are really lovely, Anneliese. What are you doing with them? Wll they be saved somehow?

  4. love your sailor stitches Anneliese and the green is just perfect to set off the other colours. The touch of orange lifs everything. I like the way everything flows...even the straight stitching at the top.

  5. Beautiful work again! And thanks so much for the kind comments about my collages.

  6. I always love your stitches, Anneliese!

  7. your work is very nice.
    I like both these stitch. the sailor edge stitch is more thin and delicate, but the sallor stitch can have a beautiful relief. I didn't try it, but I think if the lateral stitch is made short enough, it can be almost unvisible.