9 Nov 2015

Again scraps, scraps, scraps and a landscape

Autumn - mild - a little melancholic -
Our village in France -
L'automne est un andante mélancolique et gracieux
qui prépare admirablement le solennel adagio de l'hiver
(George Sand 1804-1876)
She, George Sand, expressed herself in musical terms -
I am sure you English speaking people will understand this.
My present expression is rather traditional - it would
probably fit very well into the times of George Sand....
Looks like a big mess
but papers have to be taken out

My stitches through the paper didn't make the business
very easy.
The reverse side -
After pulling and pulling ...
I had this remarkable heap of shapes

The top with a few half squares in green
now waiting for the finishing touches -


  1. Nature's autumnal colours are soft and mellow, and we long for brightness so play with the most colourful scraps. Enjoy tearing out the paper!

  2. this is looking good Anneliese, I have only done hexies must try other shapes like you have used, very relaxing to do apart from removing the papers.

  3. Good work Anneliese. Although I dont relish having to remove all those paper shapes.

  4. Paper piecing at it´s best. Even if the fabrics don´t match in detail . All in all it looks very well balanced. That´s always a miracle. Well done!

  5. Well done, that did not take long :-)