15 Aug 2022

Summer 2022 -

Bird‘s-eye view - family dinner

View from the terrace

In the evening

300 m higher in the village Brusje

Mystery Sewing - Zenstitchalong  - Clue #1 is the paving block,
the lines of the trickmarker are still to be seen and will probably
never disappear

Clue #2 - Higaki -Cypress fence - suggested colour is brown,
red back or gray,

Sachet for our kind neighbor who watered the Geraniums 
during our stay-away for 3 weeks

I will catch bad dreams with this very old
ancestors‘-made doily - it is knitted - I marvel at the tiny
stitches - she must have used 1 mm needles

Another sewalong - scrapsinabox
9 cm squares . I will diminish my scraps collection a tiny little bit 

The End

20 Jun 2022


We started the guestbook nearly exactly 10 years ago
to remember the visitors in the French farmhouse

I made the cover as a copy of a small part of the fence in front 
of the barn. Stitched by hand and machine.

The first entry was made by family members - brother and 
sister in law. 
Then daughter, son in law, grand-children Leon and Mila.

We owned the house for 5 years when we thought that the 
distance from of our German home was too far -  we could
sell it to a married  couple from the village.

Nice memories - nice souvenir.

Large quilt -
I started to quilt this 4 square meters large quilt by hand -
in a hoop which DS made forme 40 years ago.
Today finally I decided not to go on with hand quilting. 
So I forced this enormous piece of fabric into my Bernina
and did some final quilting - I am free again
and a double bed will be covered

The first layout 

Sewn together with a broad border and in the hoop

the hoop is really large - 60 cm diameter

And then the first hopeful stitches - I was already working 
for at least 4 weeks.

But then I did the rest with my wonderful Bernina - ok 
it was not very easy to pull and push it through - never mind -
The quilting looks ok - the quilt as such is a piece of non-art.
Maybe I show it at a later date.

7 Mar 2022

A diary - it is March 2022

It is time again for the bear leek (Allium ursinum) - Bärlauch, wich is a perfect herb for salads, soups and more. It is growing in our region as early as this -  in March.

My inspiration for little charming things made of fabric is Ann Wood. These are mushrooms - quite a crafting and it takes some time. You need patience, cardboard, different fabrics, filling material, copper wire for the stems, needle and thread.

My knitting experiment

The yarn is beautiful, natural, linen, silk and cotton. I was however not satisfied with the pattern, I changed my mind, three times, undid, knitted backwards. Started new. 

This time I will pull through with 134 stitches on the round needle for the back of the summer vest, instead of nearly 300 front and back together - when I  could never see the end of one row.

The Chinese bowl is perfect for the yarn ball.

TextileArt.org offered a free workshop - the Stitch Camp! We needed  fabric, three different fabric colors, many different devices to spread the color - paint brushes, bank cards, I used also a fork. The painted „art“-work is being cut into small rectangles, sewn together and embellished with hand stitches.

Below my first try - the colors are quite ok, but the fabric! Actually very fine - but impossible to stitch through with an embroidery needle which would have been essential for this piece. So
I decided to do machine embroidery.  Open the photo and you will see the lines.
I love to do free machine stitching - it is effective and fast. I use Madeira viscose threads, made for machine sewing. They have a lovely sheen.

So much for today. Corona is not over - we still take care with masks and distance. Occasional  meetings with friends and FaceTime with family and children who are living abroad.

12 Jan 2022

As time runs

Our new holiday home in the Black Forest offers a fantastic
view - below it is autumn

 and here after the first snow fall

in the other direction families are using the slope for sleighing - 
photo taken by the webcam on the tower in Dobel 

But then on a workday in the late afternoon like this

I am knitting, unravelling and knitting again

finally made up my mind for the pattern

Sewing by hand and giving away - those mushrooms went
to Vermont, I saw one hanging on DD‘s  christmas tree -
the pattern is by „AnnWood handmade“

I love tatting and made several samples for earrings

But then a sad event and loss of a friend - dear Dirk W.
we won‘t forget you. You were multitalented and 
interested in many crafts - an artist, creating paintings,
earthenware and probably much more….. 

Our weather down in the plain is like this - no biking but
short walks.

I wish you all a happy healthy new year.

23 Dec 2021

Update aus dem Schwarzwald

We like to be in the BlackForest 
in our holiday house - 700 m above sea level -
it can be very sunny there while being foggy
in the plaine of River Rhine - Rheinebene 

Very cold in front of the house

A card wich I made years ago - and it is going to DSL (Schwägerin)
It is here just to remember me of things I made

Adventszeit in Dobel

Decoration - as every year - 

Rundbändchen flechten nach japanischer Art

Candle shades thanks to Tanja Steinbach, SWR Kaffee oder Tee 
A very nice television emission for afternoons in
times when you don‘t have to work in the garden

Beause family gatherings were not possible due to covid19
we made seprarate photos during summer
and I put them together as a collage (thanks to Pic Collage)

Merry Christmas to whoever is reading this and 
a Happy Healthy New Year