7 Feb 2024

Drawing and mini journal making

Yes, I can sew but not draw but nevertheless
or just because 
I am taking part in.....

Amy Maricle's prompts for "Slow drawing -
Draw yourself calm".
Not so much necessary for me but interesting
what the facebook group does.
Here the theme is: Ginko


"Lunaria" I have them abundant in our garden

I need lots of journals for my "output" these
are handmade - thanks to Youtube - I love 
diffent methods of binding. The green one
has the Coptic binding.

Another "Slow drawing" - named "Slugs"

A 5 day little workshop also with Amy Maricle
named "The smallest things" started on February 5, 2024

Theme below: Lines -1st day

Marks of your brushes - day 2

More to come 
Hopefully soon!

6 Aug 2023

Rainy Sunday

Raining nearly all day already for weeks, seemingly - but certainly two weeks now.

A lonely bike - I did not want to make our daily tour with my husband

He took the photo of a harvested colza field, a large field with a million 50 cm sticks,

just standing out.

In spring the all over yellow fields were  a wonderful sight, the scent very special.

5 Aug 2023


How to use the bookmark -

I use a very old book for demonstration

published in 1875. 

Silver wire 0,4 mm folded in half, a few colorful beads and then twisting

till  the two tails are about 6 cm long. They are glued between the two layers

of papers with double sided sticky tape. A few machine stitches for embellishment.

On top a spiral for easy handling.

I can't remember who posted this as a tutorial. 
If I find it, I will add my credit.

4 Aug 2023

Time out - holidays in Croatia as every year

Our holiday place is the island  Hvar in Croatia - this is the center with famous

and very old buildings from the Venetian times.

Next photo is our view to a part of the town

Me - swimming practically alone in the Adriatic sea

I am always posting the sun set as seen from our terrace - you might have seen those

photos before. Nevertheless, we have been there and nowhere else. The dog does not

belong to me - maybe he thinks that he has to rescue me. Lovely Labrador. He wants to

be helpful. 

While it was very hot in Germany -our weather was rather moderate - the sea still



 Leaf making - book signs - 

made of pelmet which I dyed - backed with colored paper  - the silver wire is embelllished

with beads and glued between the layers. I will post many more shortly.

19 May 2023

Here I am again - everything ok - we were spared from Corona

Biking every day

Cleaning in front of the holiday home

A furry visitor

Wild garlic in blossom



Mini junk journals

A tutorial with Helen Wells - Sketchbook revival

Gelli plate printing

17 Dec 2022

It is the season - December 2022

Four months later from the last post.
Time to get Advent decoration out from the basement

and make some baking - well this will be eaten with friends together
at a "coffee and cake meeting"

Linzer Torte - Austrian  recipe

Ann Wood provides her followers with decoration
for every season. Small owl living with sisters in our 
Christmas tree. Find the link


Those little baskets - a youtube tutorial - are made entirely by hand 
absolutely sweet and not holding much - maybe three chocolates - 

The beginnings are tricky

More work: Scraps in a box - inspiration by Augusthimmel
at Pinterest.de - my squares are 9 x 9 cm.

Paperbeads fascination

What "oldies" get for Christmas from the community 
when they reach a certain age - lets say over 80.

One candle burning ... 1. Advent

Four weeks before Christmas our wreath with homemade
cookies by DH

23 Aug 2022

Mysterystitchalong goes on

Week #3 - Nowaki or blowing grass in English

My trick is to sew on gridded tissue paper 
the circles are drawn by means of a compass

I love to see this drop of water on a rose leaf in this so dry

Dream catcher with pendants with feathers

The End