20 Jun 2019

Wanderungen im Schwarzwald - walking in the Blackforest

Our sport‘s group is making walks whenever the training can‘t take place
because of holidays or renovation of the gymnastics hall 

Water of the creek Kohlbach is cold - E. is even carrying an umbrella
but we did not need it this day
DH is documenting the happening

Our village in the Blackforest is embellished beautifully

Two days later - on Sunday - we walked with the Schwarzwaldverein -
about 28 people were following H. in the green poloshirt

 - - - — - - - - 
Knitting would be boring if too simple
this is a real challenge - knitting leaves to become once a scarf hopefully,
pattern by Svetlana Gordon via Ravelry

Hauswurz blooming wonderfully in front of the house.

So much for today - tomorrow will be the longest day - solsticium
It is still light outside at nearly 10 pm.

Sun in the evening

It is evening and I saw the reflection 

and thought it would be interesting to post. 
All kinds of portraits - by a painter and by me - the fun portraits in patchwork - 
inspired by Pauline Burbidge.
(I looked for her portraits in internet but didn‘t find any - it is so long ago that
she made it) 
and little quilts - Jude Hill‘s inspiration and a small layered and cut sample.
Not to forget the very small quilt right of the grandfather clock - photo transfer 
depicting our three grandchildren.

28 Apr 2019

Easter eggs on the blooming tree

Easter eggs look wonderful on the blooming apple tree

I will leave them on the tree till autumn or longer
I love those colours

please have a look at the austere fir trees on the other side of the 
narrow valley, I think it is called Köllbachtal. Köllbach is the creek
where trouts are raised.

For the fun workshops Sketchbook Revival I am gathering pics
of cracks in the asphalt - it is the theme of Carla Sonheim.
We have to invent an animal or something else using the lines of the 
cracks - 
At the moment no printer is available - so I can‘t continue

Our daily walk to the castle of Berneck

Well, not the best photo - but isn‘t this beautiful behind the tree!

The workshop: Mixing two water colours
a very shy experiment - but anyway - I can see a running figure

copying an object from different positions, left hand, blind,
with an upright pencil, continuous line - different ways to draw

We get two videos each day for about 10 days - 
The teachers are drawing and talking for about half an hour
We can watch, work at the same time, we need not publish it
There is a facebook group „Sketchbook Revival“ - the administrator
is Karen Abend at sketchbookrevival.com

I am no sketcher at all and I know now that I won’t ever draw any birds
naturalistic drawing is not my choice.

15 Apr 2019

Cherry tree

News from the cherry tree - we will have to go to the market with
our cherries - but of course we don‘t but eat them - preserve them
give them away

500 m high up in Schwarzwald somebody is decorating for Easter

This is left after stitching a tiny scrap

small as a postcard embellished with Sharon B‘s TAST stitch week 14:
Buttonhole wheel - and many crazy variations

and there was more embellishment yesterday on Sunday

7 Apr 2019

Biking in spring

Biking in our neighborhood - we made 22 km

but also up and down-hill

A small castle - Obergrombach - 

At home it looks like that now

 view out of the living room into our garden with the cherrie tree
and our neighbor‘s house

3 Apr 2019

Spring came

View into the neighborhood  from our living room 
in the „basis camp“
wooden cat from Bali, dried roses from DDL, driftwood fish from
Vancouver island, easter eggs from years ago

in front of the house the magnolia - 
sweeping started already - the splendor is of very limited

I sewed:
Pouch to hang up somewhere and put things into it

I did my best to insert the bottom
My patchwork girls always have something new to sew

But then also stitching for TAST 2019 with Sharon Boggon
The looped cretan stitch and also beaded - week 12

always a bit of knitting

This is the inverted feather stitch - week 10
I still can‘t see the inverted version and quite certainly do I not like this one. 

Altensteig in Schwarzwald - blackforest - castle and church and old houses
are high on the hill - 
our village belongs to this community - 

What a nice day - we are on the plateau in Schwarzwald
which is 625 m above sea level
it is March 30, 2019

24 Mar 2019

Almonds in blossom - Mandelblütenfest in der Pfalz

Almond trees in blossom - a festival in the Palatinate -
Ein Mandelblütenfest in der Pfalz
Wine country west of the River Rhine
- Boy - what a crowd - we fled very fast
It looked like a mass migration from the station

to a tennis club-owned restaurant where we had coffee and cake
and this was perfect

On this photo there is just a well visited
booth for snacks

                                            We made a short walk in the vineyards -

                                                             Palatinate - die Pfalz

                                             Old vine stock

And the blossoms of almonds


22 Mar 2019

Sheep here and there

On our little bike tour to the next village we came upon this flock
with shepherd - they ran like chased - I think in delight of the new 
meadow - I wasn‘t fast enough with my iphone 

Interesting fact is that the shepherd will lead them for a distance of 80 km 
to Altensteig-Berneck - the place where we have our new old house.
So I will see them again on the hill opposite from our terrace

Sauerkraut in the making - small quantity - „they“ say in TV that it will work.
So lets wait and see.

19 Mar 2019

Old town Altensteig - Schwarzwald

Taking a walk into the old town Altensteig

steep roads - 200 years old houses

high - very high - people have to go up many steps

restaurant and old town hall (below) with clock ringing the hours.

and down again