25 Dec 2018

Snippets from December

This is Christmas Eve - people from our village in Blackforest
make a walk with torches uphill where a bonfire is lit
We could have walked with them but we rather watched
from the opposite side of the Köllbach Valley -
being there for the first time and not knowing how long this 
would last.

Back in our home village we attended a Christmas mess 
where we saw this very beautiful crib

Yes these slippers arrived in Boston and DD said that they fitted
very well - I washed them 60° in the washing machine and success
 -  they shrank to the right size.
A pity I did not take a picture. 
The foot is mine just for comparison - and my size is not negligible!

Gingermen - to give away - and I gave them away to our gymnastics
friends - in Blackforest

How we are celebrating in the gymnasium (Turnhalle by the way)
(looked it up in dict.de)

While DH worked in the kitchen as baker of sweet small cakes 
I had time to do what I like most - dig in my scraps or little samples

and think of something to make of it
and of course what comes out - purses, pouches, bags, utensiles

some are are living already in other homes - but this one below

is in use and travels with me - it is called sew-along-bag - and instructions
are from internet - you can find it on Pinterest or just google sew-along-bag

This one above was a little gift to grandson no. 1‘s beautiful and loveable 
girlfriend - her name is between the two orange buttons.

I am late to wish you merry Christmas but not too late to send you,
my readers, my wishes for a happy and healthy New Year.

12 Nov 2018

Trees, too near the house

Those two pines were our problem - too near to the house
 a storm could throw the tops on our roof.
Moreover they were overgrown by wild wine - nice to see
in autumn - better than the branchless trunks

Quite nice like this - the green leaves are however wild wine

We decided to have them cut - the tree cutters worked fast
with. this enormous machine - they grab the tree and sew it underneeth
the gripper 

and deposits it on the path where a truck with gripper transported it to the
road and on to another truck 

We were so impressed - they worked about 1 1/2 hours.

10 Nov 2018

T‘was August

Never saw and experienced such a rain - we sat at our meal the complete family 
 - DH went out to check the situation and shut himself out because water
flooded into the house - we couldn‘t hear him shouting because
the rain was pouring so noisily

and down in the basement water stood already 5 cm high - 
everybody helped scooping as much water as possible

the room with the tanks - everything floating about

Good boys

carrying out

pouring into the discharge 

and when everything was finished, the water out of the basement
I had a terrible fall and could only walk with crutches about 2 weeks
then slowly I could walk with just one crutch and after some time very
carefully without any help. 
Today I take part again in gymnastics in our club - with a slight restraint
when it is about kneeling and squats.

2 Nov 2018

Tales from October

Yes, we met again. I mean my patchwork friends meet very often but I am frequently
in our vacation house - in France - so it is a special event when I can
be with them chatting, sewing, showing and telling, getting inspiration - 
and last but not least eating and laughing

I like to bake with yeast - I love to eat it - it can be dry like wood I still like it
here it didn’t get dry because I gave half of it to grandson L who is studying in 
our town Karlsruhe

Some time to stitch - and if just for half an hour - 

And now this is the end of our French farmhouse in Haute-Saône we are going
to sell it - very soon - next week the final signature will be rendered. We called
it Schato with a broad smile in the face - derived from the French word château - 
because of its long rusty iron fence alongside the street.
The far away house is not ours but it can be seen now


the future owners were allowed to  make order in our rather wild garden
I mean they cut every bush around on three sides of the garden
The neighbor lady will be happy - she was not very amused by our gardening.
We however loved the green surrounding

Selling the house means also moving things 
How often we made the travel of three and a half hours from France to Germany
I didn‘t count  - I estimate some 6 times - we didn‘t move the furniture
just the household equipment and the atelier of DH, the atelier and again the atelier

The trailor crammed full and the car, too

I have more time now and started to knit for Christmas
Rather big slippers but after felting in the washing machine they will have the
right size.
But then....

I remembered that in autumn I usually embroider dry leaves
These are old leaves and...

...waiting till the new autumn leaves will be dry between newspaper pages and 
under a heavy book - again stitching on this piece - no concept just going on -
patch on patch and stitches.

13 Oct 2018

Books for free

In some communities we can find bookcases containing books
secondhand books, books which people had read and donated
you can open the window pane on two sides and take what you want
And this one is in our vicinity - 3 km by bike.

What an excellent idea

All kinds of literatur - 

and I met a friend who was on duty - of course voluntarily
 - she keeps the books well sorted - no bad literature - 
I am shooting the photo - you see my shade

I donated two books and took two of which I know the authors
No need to put in books - but what a satisfying thing to 
give books away for some literature lover

Autumn fruit, biking and scrap destashing

Neighbor‘s exchange of garden harvest

Some of our thousand apples - they are not big - but taste so good
and are totally biological
From  Frau K. we got those wonderful and lovely tasting tomatoes and
two yellow zucchinis - all eaten or transformed and in jars 

Eating out on Sunday
Not for vegetarians! We love meat but what is too much is too much.
This is one serving - made of two large escalopes (Schnitzel) - 
we took most of it home in a „doggy bag“ and had
enough for three more days.

Again able to bike - after the accident in the flooded basement
and weather is more than lovely - it is warm - it is October 

Combining a few scraps 
- will this be something or not?
I am starting euphorically something  - after two days I come down
to normal and usually don‘t like anymore what I made the night before.

We will see - or maybe not......

1 Oct 2018


My diary is used very much, everywhere, so I prefer to have this
envelope around it to keep the book from looking hackneyed
I started this one two years ago and it will still last for one year, 

I left a diagonal opening to keep a pen ready for writing

It is the backside, a scrap cut from a waistcoat
which I made several years ago. I didn‘t like to wear it 
and made a Japanese knotted bag of it.  

here fixing the bottom

I loved the technique how the fabric is constructed:
Cut-outs from different fabrics and raw-edge appliqued on to a 
background fabric 

A cut-out flower for the backside of the diary

Front inside - a place to keep treasured things - here a smiling granddaughter
(old photo )

Many empty pages left for future happenings.

31 Aug 2018

More than 100 stairs in and about the house

My first video - they go upstairs
Please open this link and you will see 
the family minus three

28 Aug 2018


Not ripe yet but falling already

It is a lavender thing - transformed because newly filled with fresh
and scented blossoms

I have to cut it open when refilling - so it is undergoing a change each time.

25 Aug 2018

Dormouse in the house

Not easy to catch the dormouse - 
at least on the photo daughter D was lucky
She tried to get him by hand  - but was afraid to be bitten
—— a  moment later and he was gone

The dormouse is still in the house but doesn‘t show up - nor do
we hear him. Would we catch him in the live trap 
we would make a 30 km tour with him.
People told us to catch him with chocolate in the trap - he is not 
interested. He is eating wood from a door...
We will offer him some fruit now.

And here is what suddenly came out of one of those blocks

Could be a dormouse, or?