25 Nov 2021

Lady with a little hat made of fabric leaves

My cushion lady

Well, a good friend said, that my lady had little horns on 
her head - and that it was quite funny and not so bad … but!!

I thought about this comment and suddenly found that
it looked really not very attractive

I went through my boxes of left overs and found more leaves.

Not at all lazy and with a hand that is usable again 
I broke parts of it in July 
I am fixing a green leave to cover up the gold one - the horn

Two more leaves and my lady is equipped with a little hat
No more horns - 

I like it better - and you my friend - Angelika?

We moved from our 3-years Black Forest holiday house
into a nearer one - still in Black Forest


and have fantastic sights from the terrace and possibilities
for walks

It is a touristic place, 700 m altitude, with snow in winter
and a short lift 100 m from our house for skiers and sleighers

Below: The old water tower - with the view into the 
River Rhine valley and far beyond into France.

The „spa“ parc

The home of the traditional costumes - Schwarzwald - 
did you ever hear of the „Bollenhut“?
Here you can see SiL dressed up into the traditional
Black Forest costume - and more family

This is a fun photo:
from left to right: me - SiL - DD - Granddaughter

Der Bollenhut 
A woman‘s costume hat of the Black Forest - 
the hat of an unmarried woman with red bobbles.

A black version is for the married women

28 Mar 2021

Utility Art - a cushion

To be honest - I am looking for inspiration through
Pinterest and found „tracystilwell.blogspot.com“
She made a wonderful face with fabrics - it was like
a lightning for me

I had the background already made a few years ago - it was
much to red for my feel - covering part of it with this face
was  the perfect idea.
Also the leaves were hoarded in a box

So what?
To the machine and out with all scraps and material to start

This is the result of this creative afternoon
I love her - she is optimistically looking at me when I pass
the fauteuil.

Miniature fabric boxes

The urge to sew - no wonder - nothing else can be done
during the corona virus epidemic

Fabric boxes for stuff of all kinds

Each little box ist different. I tried a lot of different 

So all are a bit different in size.

My not very nice but practical working box is easy to reach
and always near my comfortable place in the living room
because this is mainly done by hand

What I keep in my very first experimental  box 

When it is spring

Whatever is the name, there are lots of them ...
we gather it in spring and flavor our salad with it

The flowers are not out as yet - I painted them. They are like
small white stars.

And then the salad - also good for soups and any other dish
where you would put parsley in

Leaves are favorite actors in my work
This will be a  cushion - I call it utility art

Little fabric book

Fabric books -
Being in a facebook group about fabric books it was good
to look through things gathered and made over the years.
and to find a place for them.

Those two down are my favorites - pulled threads and needle lace.
I like to make holes!

Front side 

Back side with date of creation (Corona time)

1 Mar 2021

Angelikas birthday portrait

Here you are - Angelikas birthday was in January
I could not post it earlier.
It was a surprise.

But then I forgot about it
So this post comes a little late.

A portrait without session, out of my memory
My imagination gave her a Corona hairdo:

A little machine sewing for the background 
the rest ist made by hand.

Scarf - Corona knitting

Knitting project - long scarf - 

The wool: Mille Colori Baby - by Lang Yarns
and it is really soft and warm - good for babies and grandmas

This wool makes the change of colors by itself

The zig-zag ist made like this: Cast on a number of stitches
which can be divided by 12 - plus two stitches. I had 96 stitches
plus 2 stitches on my needles.
First row: Start with 1 stitch - 
knit 5 stitches - knit 2 stitches together - knit 4 stitches - 
two stitches out of the next stitch - continue till the end - 
finish with 1 stitch.
Second row: knit all stitches,
All other rows: Repeat 1. and 2. rows


Go on knitting, till you reach about 1,80 m.
Don‘t give in before!
But take care not to make mistakes in counting.

For your help use stitch markers every 12 stitches -

Go on knitting while you are waiting after your Corona

Knit about 3 months - or less if you are a fast kitter.
I used a bit more than 250 g of the Mille Colori Baby Yarn
And I liked the idea to make fringes as a finish.

This is my left-over Yarn - I love left-overs - to touch it
and enjoy the feel.

18 Nov 2020

Birthday card - a new knitting project

Nelly‘s birthday during the corona pandemic
We will not be able to have our monthly meeting
So Nelly gets a postcard - homemade or bought
with personal wishes. 

I made applique flowers and put them into a vase
A balloon in heartshape is topping it
I made also the envelope.  

New project which will last during the pandemic
and will keep my fingers busy

The knitting will go on in a later post.