8 Oct 2019

Erfurt in Thüringen

Domplatz Erfurt


Krämerbrücke - 


altes schönes Tor

Gepflasterter Weg


enge Gasse

Waidspeicher - Waid brauchte man zum Färben von Stoffen

22 Sep 2019

Weimar and Erfurt

Immer wieder davon gesprochen und  dann endlich wahr gemacht
Besuch in Weimar und Erfurt. 15. bis 18. Oktober 2019

Goethe Haus - Weimar

Am Frauenplan

Marktplatz - Touristenbüro

Eingang eines Hauses

Schloss - wird zur Zeit renoviert

Herderplatz und Herderkirche

300 Jahre altes Haus - nicht renovierte Fassade

Goethe und Schiller von einem Prospekt abfotografiert. Das Ginkoblatt
Ist von einem Baum, den Goethe schon gesehen hat.


Ägidienkirche - wir warten auf die führung

Fluss Gera und Café

Brunnen am Wenigemarkt Erfurt


Häuserfronten in Erfurt


und Türen bzw. Tore

Goethes Gartenhaus in Weimar

Ein Zimmer in Goethes Haus, Weimar

Goethes Arbeitszimmer, Weimar

Das Schillerhaus in Weimar

Das Goethehaus am Frauenplan, Weimar

6 Sep 2019

The scarf

It is finished the scarf which I began first with another pattern
but saw that I won‘t be able to finish it to be recognized
as a scarf

and now this is Frau Mayer wearing it - a model once 
published in the magazine Brigitte, long long ago
when DH still made such things - today his objects are
larger, house renovation etc.

the sarf is for me

an intricate pattern - I was not able to form a scarf with


washing and drying

and looking for another pattern
(see at the bottom of the page)

no fast knitting but I had the time during holidays
and summer heat when quiet sitting was the best 

Photo below:

It is the same wool under electric light - I knitted a cord 
to make the neck a bit more attractive -

knitting with two needles and 5 stitches - no turning
just pushing the knitted stitches to the beginnning and
go again from right to left 

the excess length ended in a knitted ball - I could make a snake‘s 
head of it - 

Frau Mayer and the scarf
the pattern

3 Sep 2019

Scarf not finished

This intricate feather pattern - 
well it is looking a bit funny - like a collar around the neck
So I will add a knitted little sausage - fixed by sewing or 
crocheted - no decision yet made - 
cold days are still far

Crochet pattern - ananas? - for a better image I will have to 
block it.

1 Sep 2019

Still August - an update

Postman brought this to me from Canada - Susan Cuss painted it
and I was gifted with it - thank you so much for this wonderful surprise

Back in Schwarzwald we started to explore fortified castles
near our town Altensteig-Berneck.

This one is Hohennagold

situated high above the town Nagold
and oh, I love towers and embellished this fairytale book
a few years ago with Karen Ruane

I was looking for the window on top - and for Rapunzel -
but neither - nor!
Just the entrance on the ground

Old walls


and towers

and a stone ball sculpture

I climbed the stairs and

and looked down on DH

- - - - - - - - - - -
Then another day

A walk with friends

through the woods 

marvelling at mushrooms - not collecting them

Back in the basis camp

hedge overgrown by pumpkin plants

our winterstock of Hokkaidos
same procedure as every year - already known to my readers.