31 Aug 2018

More than 100 stairs in and about the house

My first video - they go upstairs
Please open this link and you will see 
the family minus three

28 Aug 2018


Not ripe yet but falling already

It is a lavender thing - transformed because newly filled with fresh
and scented blossoms

I have to cut it open when refilling - so it is undergoing a change each time.

25 Aug 2018

Dormouse in the house

Not easy to catch the dormouse - 
at least on the photo daughter D was lucky
She tried to get him by hand  - but was afraid to be bitten
—— a  moment later and he was gone

The dormouse is still in the house but doesn‘t show up - nor do
we hear him. Would we catch him in the live trap 
we would make a 30 km tour with him.
People told us to catch him with chocolate in the trap - he is not 
interested. He is eating wood from a door...
We will offer him some fruit now.

And here is what suddenly came out of one of those blocks

Could be a dormouse, or?

14 Aug 2018

Family on stairs

Starting an outing -

The upper and lower Nagold reservoir in Blackforest

Children and grandchildren wanted cooling during the summer heat -
33° and more

and they liked it ...
After the heat the big rain came and with it the flooding in our
basement - no damage - much work - and in the end my bruised knee
after a serious slip on wet tiles - of course it was wet everywhere. 
It is a week by now and I am still limping - I need patience -
I like to run about the house and do everything very fast - 

30 Jul 2018

Love those scraps

Can‘t throw away anything
I know each scrap and from which quilt it was a leftover

Simply sewing without knowing what it will be
enjoying those little bits of fabrics - and the colors

I pinned them on the wall together with this loveable drawing of
grandson (5) (he is a student now). 
We drew cows - when he saw mine he called out: My cow is nicer 
- Meine Kuh ist schöner - he certainly was right. His has the
advantage of 7 legs and the lovely color of a well-known chocolate-wrapping -

28 Jul 2018

Summer heat and more

Lots and lots of yellow little plums  - we call them Mirabellen
Most of them are in the freezer without kernels (2nd photo), or on
already eaten cakes, ha! - or in jam jars.

We fled the garden because of heat and are spending days 
in the cooler Black Forest - Schwarzwald - meeting up with 
friends - new friends of the gymnastics club - in the historic town
of Altensteig - built in the 13th century with its castle as a stronghold.  

We are eating, drinking and chatting - until it is time to drive up to
a place where we can watch the eclipse of the moon -
a very high point called Kapf - 825 m above sea level

 Ok - we saw the moon now and then - slowly moving up in a wonderful
orange color - every so often covered by clouds - but Mars could also
be figured out „below“ the moon.

Driving home we had a wonderful sight of the illuminated town Altensteig.

The photo is far from the real view but with the photo of the map of the
town you can imagine a little - a better view of the town with description 
and webcam here
The red arrow shows the place where we sat in the street behind the larger house 
constructed in 1459 - renovated in the 1980ies - with a quaint restaurant
on the ground floor - I saw the kitchen!
And my admiration for the ladies who are preparing delicious Flammkuchen in there:
dark, very small, crammed full with things. Flammkuchen is made of yeast dough
with lard, onions and cream - the paste being very, very thin.... 

21 Jul 2018

Summer in Berneck

Destashing cotton yarn - crocheting over a clothline - something useful
for the table

Sweet peas from a neighbor`s garden but growing outside of the fence

...and fallow-dear in a private park near our house
so tame no fear - behind the fence

Breakfast on the market place - coffee and delicacies for free
for everybody - we were so much surprised to take part already in May
fun for children, too

...and a flea market - real flea market - look at the chaos in the van
crammed with old things - 

You make easily friends with people sitting near you.

We call it loggia , this „room“ - up to now we didn‘t do anything
in it - it has a door and steps to the garden
Ivy is coming through every little space in the loggia
a room which we don‘t use yet 

Lavender pillow made out of nothing  - little crocheting - lavender from the 
Adriatic sea - the fragrance so much more intense than ours

It‘s July and we enjoy the warmth in Black Forest - when it is not raining 
(like today with 15°)

23 Jun 2018

Summer abode

View from our terrace - privileged place


And a minute later .....

16 Jun 2018


If you come too late to your garden - because of other duties

then the crop can look like this

The cherries ripened very early this year - it was so warm in May

and last year there was not a single one on the tree because of frost ——

But then in the other town a surprise - shop-owners and the community
offered a market breakfast - which means you could get the breakfast for free
coffee, juice, bread, buns, sausage, cheese and little things from star cooks.

We were surprised and couldn‘t eat anything
 (we had ours at home a few minutes ago)  —-
so just had coffee from the sponsors -
so nice of our new community in Black Forest

We love to walk uphill in evenings and enjoy the running water from the 

26 May 2018

New home

When it is sunny I have a superb view out of the diningroom window

I even love when rain invents a beading pattern on my newly cleaned windows

Surprising visitors - Feuersalamander - (Salamandra salamandra) 
I took „him“ with gloved hands
and offered him a nice grassy place - a friend told me that he can
induce allergy -

DH handled this visitor - a harmless one - I wouldn‘t know of poisonous
snakes in our country.

And now let me sit and knit after all this moving chaos
No big project - a project of fantasy - using up left-overs of cotton yarns
so many lovely colours
Knitting without plan - short rows - purl - knit - change colours at random
and produce a happy wash cloth - 

I am sitting in the middle of Schwarzwald - Black Forest - on our
balcony - it is like very exclusive holidays - and we are at home here.
I think we are lucky people.

This is growing around the house - and if I can believe my patchwork friends
and I believe them !
it is called Giersch and can be processed into various dishes - tarts, soups,
Gewöhnlicher Giersch (Aegopodium podagraria)

I can gather lots of it. Years ago I weeded it in our garden and succeeded ! 
Today I know better and regret this ignorant rampage - 
I am going to read recipes.

Nice arrangements - seen on our evening walk.

Bye-bye till next time.