24 Mar 2019

Almonds in blossom - Mandelblütenfest in der Pfalz

Almond trees in blossom - a festival in the Palatinate -
Ein Mandelblütenfest in der Pfalz
Wine country west of the River Rhine
- Boy - what a crowd - we fled very fast
It looked like a mass migration from the station

to a tennis club-owned restaurant where we had coffee and cake
and this was perfect

On this photo there is just a well visited
booth for snacks

                                            We made a short walk in the vineyards -

                                                             Palatinate - die Pfalz

                                             Old vine stock

And the blossoms of almonds


22 Mar 2019

Sheep here and there

On our little bike tour to the next village we came upon this flock
with shepherd - they ran like chased - I think in delight of the new 
meadow - I wasn‘t fast enough with my iphone 

Interesting fact is that the shepherd will lead them for a distance of 80 km 
to Altensteig-Berneck - the place where we have our new old house.
So I will see them again on the hill opposite from our terrace

Sauerkraut in the making - small quantity - „they“ say in TV that it will work.
So lets wait and see.

19 Mar 2019

Old town Altensteig - Schwarzwald

Taking a walk into the old town Altensteig

steep roads - 200 years old houses

high - very high - people have to go up many steps

restaurant and old town hall (below) with clock ringing the hours.

and down again

16 Mar 2019

Stitching in March

TAST 2019 - week 11 - Pistil stitch (I did this one already in 2012)
related to the French knot below

French knot in the shape of a sand dollar (also from TAST 2019)

This is going to be a wash cloth - round with points 

made of „resties“ expression I learned from a cyber friend - there is a great 
internet community for stitching, knitting, crocheting, sewing and much more

Here is the link - Diane F. shared it with me

Part of a project bag to be seen

13 Mar 2019

March already

I had a block from very long ago, 20 years or so
and embellished it some time ago.
Now I needed a little memory quilt and found it in my stashes
The memory is for 50 year wedding anniversary of Brigitte and Harmut - 
dear friends
and both have their 75th birthday festivities.
So counting everything together this makes 200.   

We were invited with many friends 
The piece of lace was given to me from Brigitte to work with it
So now, some of it went back to her.

It looked like that on the day

Stitching for TAST 2019 goes on
Below is the inverted feather stitch - week 10 - 
Sharon Boggon from Pintangle provides about 5000 members
each week with a new stitch.
I took part already in 2010, 2012 and 2104

Wating for spring - looking for little signs

Comparing Boston and Stutensee (Germany)

Sitting in front of of TV with nothing to do? -
Absolute no-go! Finger gloves.
Key board and iPad always very near.

2 Feb 2019

January over -

It was the month of concerts in this wonderful reconstructed castle
in Karlsruhe - Gottesauer Schloss  (it was completely destroyed in WWII)
We attended piano and song performances by master class students
of the Karlsruhe Academy of Music

Initiated by Sharon Boggon of Pintangle I am following her suggestions
of embroidery stitches - I did already the 2010 and 2012 TAST one - 
TAST = Take a stitch tuesday - I know that she has more than 5000 followers.

Reversed buttonhole stitch

Also the above sample is the reversed buttonhole - I lost it in my stashes
and made the blue one to be able to post it in the facebook group of stitches

The above sample is combined feather and chain stitch

And here we have the Portuguese stem stitch - 

Walking in the Karlsruhe Schlosspark - a straight line is leading to the
famous Majolika manufactury

Walking near our village can also be nice

Sewing means a lot of trash and broken needles
I made this bag - the bionic gear bag - by RipStitcher www.bionicgearbag.com

This was January 2019 

Today February 2 - arriving in Blackforest - Schwarzwald

Steps down to the house - full of snow
A little bit of gymnastics and they were clean

From the road we have this fantastic look onto the castle of Berneck

25 Dec 2018

Snippets from December

This is Christmas Eve - people from our village in Blackforest
make a walk with torches uphill where a bonfire is lit
We could have walked with them but we rather watched
from the opposite side of the Köllbach Valley -
being there for the first time and not knowing how long this 
would last.

Back in our home village we attended a Christmas mess 
where we saw this very beautiful crib

Yes these slippers arrived in Boston and DD said that they fitted
very well - I washed them 60° in the washing machine and success
 -  they shrank to the right size.
A pity I did not take a picture. 
The foot is mine just for comparison - and my size is not negligible!

Gingermen - to give away - and I gave them away to our gymnastics
friends - in Blackforest

How we are celebrating in the gymnasium (Turnhalle by the way)
(looked it up in dict.de)

While DH worked in the kitchen as baker of sweet small cakes 
I had time to do what I like most - dig in my scraps or little samples

and think of something to make of it
and of course what comes out - purses, pouches, bags, utensiles

some are are living already in other homes - but this one below

is in use and travels with me - it is called sew-along-bag - and instructions
are from internet - you can find it on Pinterest or just google sew-along-bag

This one above was a little gift to grandson no. 1‘s beautiful and loveable 
girlfriend - her name is between the two orange buttons.

I am late to wish you merry Christmas but not too late to send you,
my readers, my wishes for a happy and healthy New Year.

12 Nov 2018

Trees, too near the house

Those two pines were our problem - too near to the house
 a storm could throw the tops on our roof.
Moreover they were overgrown by wild wine - nice to see
in autumn - better than the branchless trunks

Quite nice like this - the green leaves are however wild wine

We decided to have them cut - the tree cutters worked fast
with. this enormous machine - they grab the tree and sew it underneeth
the gripper 

and deposits it on the path where a truck with gripper transported it to the
road and on to another truck 

We were so impressed - they worked about 1 1/2 hours.