17 Feb 2020

You can never have too many

A new pouch - you can never have too many
Japanese fabric bought 25 years ago - such a good quality

I lined it with a light yellow fabric - it facilitates the finding of

There are many layers to sew over - with a jeans needle
and care it is possible

I hide the seam allowance with a bias strip

And it is nice and clean looking

It is kind of a tray with much space

The zipper

and the other 

There are some youtube videos about the how-to
I found out that Dehem Créations is the best for me
It is called „Trousse Zippée Charlotte“
It is in French but Monique is showing it so detailed that it
can be understood so very well 

The link for the blog - 

I watched just the video and could find out the pattern there.

15 Jan 2020

Mending and remembering

Old sweater - in fact not SO very old but haunted by moths -
since I love to repair all things because it is meditative
I unravelled the lower part where the wholes were and
knitted downwards
About the age: It might be 25 years - good wool
 - seldom worn - machine knitted by a friend.

Color is something like greenish blue - more the first pic
I knitted about 5 cm from top to bottom - I think it is pretty
good and wearable.

From time to time I am looking at my fake chocolates

and stumpwork - 4 square cm
the first one depicts Clara Schumann (1829-1896),
Clara Schumann was the pianist wife of Robert

The rest ist fantasy

It is mid-january - no snow about 8°C during the day

17 Dec 2019

Creating in December

A little bit inspired by Janet Bolton‘s class for angels I had the idea
to make hang-ons for cookie-parcels
They are made of white 3mm felt dressed up with tiny bits of fabric
delicate ribbon-wings - a bit of stitching for the face, hair of what came 
out of my thread box -  and - my face powder for the angel‘s face to look fresh

Baking Stollen-Konfekt

and much more baking by DH to fill the parcels which are
hiding behind the angels

My interest got suddenly caught by paper folding, origami - 
searching Internet I found many interesting folding techniques

Instagram connection mycrossdrops told me about a scoring board
for easily scoring exact straight lines - she made lovely little
objects to fill with small gifts (Instagram mycrossdrops)
it is the perfect tool for paper folding
and guess what - I own one now - I made myself a Christmas present.

Baubles - thanks to youtubers: Hattifant - Triskele Paper Globe
and Mixed-up Craft Orb Decoration

A nine-patch of creations in 2019

1 Nov 2019

Not lazy

I start being lazy - walking on the high plane Schwarzwald 
We (DH and me) love to walk a little then sit and admire nature

Mushroom - I am delighted but didn‘t take it - 
„himself“ is distrustful

This one is edible - and a beauty

But then - I am also stitching 
EPP English paper piecing - I am sewing along without 
plan - it is still lying around like this - waiting for an idea
how to proceed

I am not wasting the backside but cutting it out and making  my 
meditation stitching on it 

Still no plan but fixing it on a background
How awkward -  I want to add more embroidery

Some painted Vliesofix  „Wonder Under“ from years ago
added and a date

It is a page for a collection of small works
And here again the front, quilted

Yes this is a butterfly bound book with little stitcheries

I bought a bookbinding tutorial of Anne Lange and I love
this kind of binding folded pages

Another page - a stitched leaf 
Sharon Boggon is still publishing TAST stitches - and everybody
interested can take part - it is free

And yes, we met our grandsons - at MacDo‘s like always.
L is studying in Karlsruhe
Y came to visit
and the beautiful young lady - L - is the girlfriend of L
We are living 10 km outside of Karlsruhe so meeting in town 
is more convenient - students have their own tight schedule 


Again back in Schwarzwald - Blackforest

Our luck must be limitless with so many ladybugs/ladybirds
on the window outside 
An invasion - they gather there when we start to heat

This is autumn folks and my view out of the bug-window