4 Dec 2013

Scarf and blanket

My Moebius-scarf

At first it looked like a sausage around my neck.

then I unravelled the first cast-off and knitted 11 more rows - two purl, two jersey - in the Moebius-spiral - see the top photo.

Then the skein was done.

It is warm to wear - and the sausage-feel is over.

Around a vase with a autumn leaf.

And here is the other project - I think this is the seventh square.

I will knit twelve or so


One hour knitting every day.



  1. Your infinity scarf is very pretty, love that grey and the sparkles. And, the blanket pattern is very nice too.

  2. It's a very pretty sausage ;) and I love the colours in your squares. Do you knit while you do other things like watch tv or listen? Or do you just knit, like a meditation?

  3. your scarf turned out beautifully. i love the color gray. i was collecting gray cotton cloth for awhile but haven't yet done anything with it. and i love all the colors in your square. will it be a blanket?

  4. Knitting is a great way to keep warm, those busy fingers working all the time. The result is warm,too, I guess, at least when you make a 'hot dog scarf', ha, ha!
    Everything is lovely in soft colours.

  5. Your scarf does look warm. What a good way to use up bits of left over wool for your squares. They will look very colourful joined together.

  6. the hat/scarf has worked very well and will keep the brains warm. The squares also look good,

  7. This looks great! Love the grey sparkly wool.


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