17 Oct 2015

Tote bag

It is made of upholstery fabric, which I bought at a very

low price, you know me by now.... I woudn't spend much,

and I found it at Tissus Mondial in France in a bargain bin.

and its little bag for cosmetics or the like - where I took the fabric

the right side outside. With the tote I found the fabric too prominent,

too eyecatching.

I think now that the tote is too small,

too small for five kg potatoes or so!

It could be larger. Next time ... next bag..... I guess no. 43.

The day will come when I am going to count them all.

Anyway with this one I won't go to the market.

Meanwhile I managed to join the last triangles and hang it

against the window, just a small top up to now. We will see

how it will go on. The seam allowances are 3 mm.

I shouldn't be so stingy with my fabrics, but it is made really

of the smallest bits of fabric out of my scrap box.

And this is Karlsruhe, straight hedge, straight path, straight alley
it is how the Margrave Karl Wilhelm wanted it 300 years ago.

The Castle of Karlsruhe is behind the row of lime trees.

The town has them trimmed every year so they stay small.

Below the trees is a large parking lot - subterranean.




  1. Great photos Anneliese. I love your tote bag and think it is a perfect size...you probably need my shopping trolley for 5kg of potatoes.

    The little bags are very pretty and go with the tote. It isnt too bright, just nice. I like bags too, but I only have a few no where near what you have.

    The quilt is good. I am using my scraps on collages I have boxes of bits that I dont want to waste to and you have done a good job using yours.

    That is a lovely shady parking lot with the lovely lime trees. Do they get fruit on them.

  2. such a useful bag maybe not for potatoes but to keep projects in etc.Wonder what wadding you have used to make it stand so straight. The triangle piece looks lovely they are certainly very small, a great job you have done here. Winter is on the way hen I see all the leaves on the ground it reminds me i can only get colder!

  3. I admire your bag Anneliese. Very soft color, nice.
    You didn´t sew the triangles by hand, I hope. It looks great whats in your scrap box.

  4. Oh no, Doris. This would have knocked me down - I would never been able to finish - too boring and too long to sew by hand.

  5. That bag is far too stylish to haul home potatoes from the market in! Clever idea to reverse the fabric for the pouch.
    Isn't it great to be able to use even the smallest of scraps from the stash - you should be proud of your 'stinginess'!

  6. A lovely looking tote. Number 43? I have yet to make one :) All your small triangles are looking pretty neat all sewn together and Karlsruhe looks like a beautiful place for a walk.

  7. That looks like a nice strong Bag that will last forever. In the UK shops have started charging 5p for plastic carrier Bags so I have noticed some interesting handmade ones in town. Your triangles one looks very colourful and unique. Marion x

  8. How big is your quilt going to be?

  9. Nice bag and purse. You make lovely things Anneliese loving your scrap quilt.

  10. such a beautiful tote and lovely fabric!!! a tote to carry your projects sounds better than to carry potatoes..

  11. you can never have too many bags. love your triangles. i'm working backwards....haven't had time to check many blogs.