2 Apr 2017

Snail trail and a pouch

A friend of mine came along to the patchwork meeting
with snails on tulips. We were delighted and back at home
 everybody started to copy them - so was I.
I started to crochet snails - they are coming from  

Have a look at her blog - there are many wonderful little things.

I made a simple pouch out of scraps - machine quilted.
Of course, woman always needs a new pouch - 
Inspiration came from Pinterest.

A quick supper when the pouch was finished
We call it Flammkuchen - a thin dough with lard, cream and onions.

The little horse is a souvenir from China. I love its colours.
Interesting for me that the pouch colours are very similar
although the little patch piece came from my scrap box in another house


  1. I think we are drawn to certain colours and it is not surprising that you just happened to pick the colours of the horse for the beautiful pouch. So you eat Flammkuchen and crochet snails. How about eating some snails? Delicious with garlic, olive oil and flat leaf parsley!

  2. those snails are the cutest. love the way your friend has displayed them on her blog.

  3. such tiny snails not a lover though as they try and take over my garden! Such a cute pouch too I am sure you will find lots of uses for it and maybe will need to make some more.

  4. Supersüß sind Deine Schneckchen geworden, liebe Anneliese! Vielen Dank für's Verlinken. Das Patchwork-Beutelchen finde ich herrlich, so schön bunt ♥. Toll, wenn man sowas kann! Herzliche Grüße sendet Dir Nata

  5. Kleine schöne Sachen hast du gezaubert.