16 Apr 2017

Happy Easter

Some colourful though plastic eggs on an azalee in front of the house
to wish everybody happy Easter! 

I pulled out eggs from long ago - I might even have posted them
some years ago. They are empty and painted by daughter Dunja
and by me

Left-overs of cotton yarn - what to do with it? Using some of it up 
I knitted a wash cloth - I was interested in this pattern from DROPS DESIGN 
where one starts with 3 stitches making holes in rows (I love hole-making)

I love to make pouches - I love to have pouches!
So I think that grand-daughter MIla also likes to have them
I certainly made already quite a numbler for her - 
this one is for her 12th birthday

And what do you think who chose the fabric?
Yes, DH. Of course - and it might be ok for a teenager - 
who does Yung Oom Doe and all sorts of sports -
she is no "pink girl" - so she said once.

Easter blooms are looking friendly - today on Easter Sunday it is rather cool.


  1. Happy Easter! Lovely eggs, flowers and handicraft.

  2. Oh I love making cloths, too :-). Yours is very pretty, and the painted eggs as well. Happy Easter!!
    Nata xxx

  3. how lovely to decorate your tree in the garden, painted eggs look so good. Pouch I am sure will be well used ant fabric is so cute. Your next blog about a snail does not appear to be on your blog, it says page not found.