31 Mar 2017


Three days it was like that

and now look at the carpet

In Karen Ruane's class I made this - a sample on English broderie
part of my daughters baptism dress - Long ago those times, 50 years 

A piece of machine embroidered lace

and AFTER - I didn't like the coloured buttonhole stitches

so I changed it completely - two fillings by hand

And for the next cold season - hopefully very, very far away
I am knitting a vest/waistcoat

It is so thick - that I don't touch it these days - I have to join the seams - that's all.
For the moment I lost interest because weather is so lovely.


  1. i love when the flowers fall on the grass...looks so lovely. you've been doing some beautiful stitching and i love the looks of that knitting. i have to get back to my crocheting project.

  2. You are blessed with wonderful weather and fantastic magnolias.
    It is raining icy shards in Tokyo on the hesitant cherry trees.
    What does your daughter say about you cutting up her Christening gown and turning it into a piece of fabric art?

  3. your class work is so beautiful and have enjoyed following you as you have made these pieces.
    My magnolia now has buds such a shame the wind came and you lost all the flowers I expect that will happen here too

  4. Bei Euch ist die Natur schon ein ganzes Stück weiter. Es blüht schon richtig schön. Hier geht es erst ganz langsam los.