6 Dec 2016

Some new stitches and Rapunzel continuation no. 8

Queenie - my reference number two for excellent stitching
announces Scandinavian stitches each Sunday.
(Number one of course is Sharon Boggon of TAST - take a stitch Tuesday) 

Some of Queenies stitches are so interesting that I take them over 
into my stitch book with drawings how to make ithem. 
Maybe only I will be able to understand them - maybe after some time not even me. 
We will see.

I posted already bout the Anundsjö stitch (it. is Swedish) - it is the first and second row.
It is done with two threads. So in the second row I took two different colours.

The third and fourth row show the Danish knot - such a very nice stitch -
if one needs something bigger than a French knot. It is also known as German knot.

And then fifth row the ermine stitch, in Swedish the Hermelinstygn. I have no
German name for it - maybe someone will know a name.
In French - which also interests me because we live part time in France:
Point d'hermine

Here is also Rapunzel again - a stitching pattern - straw-silk paper sewn down on
silk - and all sorts of stitches around cutout circles

And how I make my marks: It is with this pencil - Frixion is its name.
It is the pencil with some kind of rubber on the opposite end of the 
ball point. But I don't rub out with this - no - I use a moderate hot iron
and go gently over it - if I want to erase the signs and marks.
Like a mystery - they disappear!  


  1. good to see you are keeping a record of Queenie`s stitches and how to do them too. Book coming along well, have not used a frixon pen as they say the line comes back in the cold so in my house it would not work as the house is very very cold! I do keep the kitchen warm though where I tend to spend all my time in the winter

  2. Oh, dear, I feel very honored to have inspired you to make a sampler and even a sketch book. You are the best of students and I am confident you will be able to follow the instructions any time!
    However, I want to point out that the stitches are not all Swedish. Anundsjö is, and I like the way you have made it with two colours. Back and Cross stitches are universal, and Danish Knot is called German Knot by some. As for the Ermine Stitch I have no idea where it comes from but it does have a Swedish name. When I typed in the French name the spellcheck in Blogger automatically changed it to Point d' heroine, but it should of course be Point 'd heremine. I have now updated the blog. Thank you, Anneliese!
    What is straw silk paper that you have used for the Rapunzel story?

  3. Bonjour,
    Ce n'est pas le point d'heroine mais le
    point d'hermine

  4. Thank you, merci, Mattia,
    j'ai fait la correction, déjà. Queenie m'a averti - et moi, je me doutais aussi mais n'avais pas le dictionnaire près de moi.
    Merci d'être venue sur mon blog.