23 Dec 2016

A Merry Christmas to you

To all my readers Happy and Merry Christmas and 
a good and inspired New Year.

It is our South American crib which we bought over 40 years ago
in Ayacucho (Peru)

I will show you two new angels on our tree:

made by patchwork friend Waltraud and ...

the white angel created by patchwork friend Angelika
Outside it is looking like snow, but it isn't. No white Christmas
again this year as so many years before.

No sewing but knitting these days - it will be a vest without sleeves

and I will treat the family with a hotchpotch tomorrow - Christmas Eve
There are many other ingredients like onion, carrots, beans, leek, chickpeas.

They have a long drive, hopefully no traffic jam - everybody is driving
to their parents.

We had so many hokkaidos. I brought parts of them to my neighbour
I like the design of this slice:

There is still stuff for many soups.


  1. enjoy your Christmas holiday and wishing you a very Happy New Year.

  2. Oohh! Sounds delicious, Anneliese! Can I come to your house for supper? Happy Christmas my friend! Be happy, healthy and safe and enjoy time with friends and loved ones. Best wishes for 2017! Hugs, Carolynn xx

  3. Hi again? Anneliese! This is the third comment I have written and I keep hitting the wrong button so I'll try again. I was asking if I could come to your house for supper? It sounds delicious;-) i was also wishing you and yours a VERY happy Christmas and a safe, happy and healthy New Year. Best, Carolynn xo

  4. Happy christmas Aneliese how lovely to have your family with you, the soup is going to be delicious, leek and potato my girls want tomorrow so will make it today once all the blogging is done. Lovely angels I too have a hardanger Xmas angel bt too big for a tree mind you do not have a tree anyway

  5. I hope you had a good one! :-)