3 Dec 2016

Stitching a story - no. 7. great disappointment

A Rapunzel-tower in Karlsruhe near our castle.

It was once the waterworks for the provision for the casle
iconstructed in 1866 but doesn't work anymore today - 

since I am stitching Rapunzel's story I am looking 
for towers. This one is 40 m high.

You remember - the prince climbed up - but he didn't
find Rapunzel anymore - the sorceress took her to an unknown
place - so......

....he was so disappointed and sad even his horse let his head hang down -
and leaves were falling from trees  - maybe because it was autumn, too.
- but many months he wandered about in the woods full of grief.

My leaves are cut out from painted Decovil and sewn to the pages
with just one stitch

And the little enamelled Chinese horse is watching ...
Soon the sory will find a happy end.


  1. are visitors allowed up to the top of that tower? it fits in so well with your story.

  2. What a fantastic tower! Just perfect for the story. You have decorated the story book beautifully. Love the dress and the leaves.

  3. so enjoying your stitching book, and the journey following your creating it