10 Jul 2016

No sight into our grassland

Yes, our garden is green - mainly green
and no sight down onto the lawn which is more or less a pasture, a meadow

Help from the saw and DH
and one branch is cut off -
I am sitting in the shade of the peartree - you can see the shadow
We had 37° in the afternoon. 
This photo was taken in the morning at about 10 am
It is a lovely place to knit - in the shade 
I am starting from the beginning with my cardigan - from top to bottom and 
I am now using the description for XL - L was too tight - imagine - my size is M.
This time I did no "tinking" (knitting backwards) but unravelled everything.
And this was done in about one hour - a very short time compared with
the six weeks of knitting which I spent.
But never mind.
I had to wind the wool with a "winding machine" - which son G. made for me ca.
35 years ago - Soaking and drying took one day.
Lets say the first try was practising. I am sure to make less mistakes in future.

But now I need something to relax.

Fabric beads are the solution - I used silk from scraps of blouses which I
made two decades ago - I bought it myself in China !!! It is very precious to me.
The variegated perlé for the crochet bauble is from Stef Francis.
The blouses are totally out of fashion - but I can't separate from them, oh oh.
I dyed the apple-green silk myself.

I wish you a wonderful summer week.


  1. you are having better and much warmer weather than us nice to have the shade to sit and knit. Had no idea you could still buy wool on the hank though it was always in balls these days. Baubles look very nice I love seeing Steff`s stall at the shows with all her amazing threads etc but tend to buy the ones Jean from Oliver Twists does who also dyes wonderful threads,fabrics, wool rovings etc

  2. Wow! That is hotter than in TGokyo! But then we have the humidity that makes our heat so oppressive.
    Great knitting, and gret fabric beads. What a good way to recycle the Chinese blouses.

  3. we are over 100 degrees (F) here every day and i wouldn't think of sitting out in that heat....i just can't handle it. i am in love with your beads.
    i'm about ready to start a sweater/shawl pattern that has fitted sleeves and i think i will go bigger than usual so it will fit. i might have to order one more skein of yarn because i was planning at first to make the smaller size.

  4. I understand the attachment to a favourite blouse (or two!) so it's nice that you're using the fabric to create little treasures. All the green looks serene, and I imagine the shade is a nice place to be on a hot day. Happy knitting.

  5. Where are we now? Where is 37C??? 18C here! :-(