21 Jul 2016

Constructing a korak quilt

I took them out of the box again
and added a few more scraps
I am defining the middle with an iron, folding the ground fabric
into half, to prevent going ascew.

and now I am changing from flying gees to logcabin

It looks like a roof - but in fact again a "goose" is flying

One little blog finished

How would it look like this ? I am trying - and will sew still many more
and change positions a hundred times ....it will last for months


  1. Lovely to see them in all different positions!

  2. What a variety of fabric you have in your stash! Vibrant!

  3. this is a good project to work on whilst in France I think you are doing it by hand? Lots of interesting fabrics what a great way to use up your scraps

  4. And that is what we do and that what makes it fun :-) Enjoy yourself!