17 Jan 2016


Cuddling like little animals at the foot this personality of a tree

in our park - hm, the town's park

"He" is old and has an impressive profile.
Below: Slow sewing, all by hand - I decided to use this turquoise
fabric - the dark red one was half sewn and then judged as not
good and unpicked.

No, no, the red is dead, blunt, dull.

A suggestion of the boss of the house was black-white striped border -

like I did already several times.

No no - not black and white but turquoise.
I like it better -

I go on sewing - very small stitches - 7 on 1 cm

with an applique thread which I bought in France twenty years ago -

nearly invisible.


I dyed the turquoise fabric myself - Shibori technique -
ages ago when I didn't know the name Shibori yet -
we called it Plangi - it is the same method.

In the next post it will be finished, hopefully.



  1. What a wonderful tree - I would love to sit and sketch all those old knarles and bumps.
    Definitely glad you're doing the turquoise binding. Good choice and it brightens the outcome.

  2. what an amazing tree I too love trees. A job and a half sewing the binding on by hand not tried that myself best of luck with it

  3. That tree is truly amazing! Such a grand old spirit. Your quilt is beautiful, and I love the turquoise with it.

  4. I like how the "boss" has an input into your sewing :-)
    Great tree, the nature can be amazing!

  5. Turquoise looks better and am glad that you didn't go for red..

  6. Very neat looking tree and your quilt is looking wonderful! The turquoise binding looks perfect for it.

  7. What an amazing tree. Good for inspiration while sitting under it.