26 Jan 2016

Here it is

The paper piecing - table set

Now don't you look too intensively at the bottom left corner - yes

here real patchwork is speaking - I had to mend something here.

And probably it was late in the evening. The stitches are too coarse

and a few less than 7.

I will make it better - some day.

but - handquilted

This is my new project

squares - mounted by hand - again by hand - yes I need work

for the couch.

I learnt from Jude Hill to baste the squares with nearly invisible stitches

which were pressed beforehand over a piece of cardboard.

My centers will be filled with TAST (Take a Stitch Tuesday) stitches

instead of making another stitchbook. This is meant to end up on

one of my walls ---



  1. the little patch is wonderful. i would do a little embroidery on it to make it even more noticeable. love all your stitching.

  2. You are always so busy. I am stitching squares by hand at night on the couch too. Such a good idea of stitching over cardboard, like making hexi projects. I havent done that though. Mine are done with a small running stitch and back stitch. A long way to go with it yet.

  3. your table mat looks great and I rather like the little square in the corner. Liking the idea for the tast stitches, I have not started them yet but decided a couple of days ago I wanted to use them in some form of picture, maybe a house or something with all the stitches incorporated, still needs more thought and there are already 26 stitches to do!

  4. Wow Anneliese love your little quilt. I agree with Deanna to do a little embroidery on the tan patch. You keep very busy...I dont stitch at night any more...just like to relax.

  5. I like the little square in the corner too. I have Mennonite relatives on my Mum's side and some of the very orthodox one as well as the Amish DELIBERATELY make an "error" as no one but God can make anything perfect!

  6. Your table set is lovely, Anneliese :-), you have been busy.
    By the way, I like your header,