10 Jan 2016

First the walk and then the UFO

Its in our park in Karlsruhe

They are waiting for pieces of bread - walkers-by feed them

We love this walk from our parking lot to the town
No parking fees!! And fresh air. And we arrive in the
very center.

EPP - I started 10 months ago and lost interest

I got a new idea and am going to finish a piec much

smaller - and useful - a table set again. I am cutting

the squares which are needed to join the alongated


Commercial cottons bought over the years -

impossible colours! Sometimes they are useful

for backings. I like more my homedyed ones.

A look with the camera through my magnifying lamp.

And "slow stitching" ......



  1. such lovely images. yes, the home dyed cloths always have subtler, softer colors.

  2. I'm thinking of starting another EPP project. Can't decide on the size of the pieces. Love the view of the ducks on the water.

  3. I can see that you also have a nice places to walk :-)
    Slow stitching - it can be therapeutic (sometimes),

  4. what a glorious walk you have on your doorstep. Liking the EPP I have an elongated hexie template must get it out as have never used it!I am afraid I do not dye my fabrics though occassionally will use silk paints on them and salt

  5. Every pictures proves how wonderful your daily life is. A walk through the beautiful park, eye candy on your fabric shelf, even the magnifying glass gives you pleasure!
    Have fun with your slow EPP!

  6. Your EPP is very pretty, Anneliese. I love doing EPP but don't seem to have the patience for it now. Lovely scenery around your area.

  7. I always enjoy seeing photos of the scenery near your homes. This is a beautiful walk beside the pond. I see you are keeping busy with your stitching. I went through a dyeing phase, but also dont have the right space to make messes here.