27 Jan 2015

Bag in tree - and holes - lacy holes again

I got the pattern of my friends - they got it from their friends

And those friends got it from somewhere else....

So this is my fabric made market basket.

It is large like an African basket made of something like straw
which are very popular -
I own at least three - and this seems not to be enough so I made
one of fabric strips, not because I want another basket but because
"the journey is the reward" - der Weg ist das Ziel. It is all about the making.
I have enough stuff to fill it, for instance with fabric scraps or other ..
but not market products, certainly not potatoes. It would hang through.
(This might be a very German expression... if somebody would
correct me.....it would be fine)


And here the embellshment - a very strange flower - I will just
leave it there till I make a better one.
Apart from basket making I am making "lace" - by machine -
appliqueing old lace which I cut off from an very old pillow cover.
My lace can look like that, too, very delicate.
You know that I am in a class of Karen Ruane "Swathed in Stitch".
And for the cross stitches I have to make decisions - always assisted
by the already well-known Bird peeping across my shoulder -
more exactly lying about on my table offering clever advices.
Trying out how large the letter will be
still without fabric underneeth - what a crazy idea.
My next letter will be an "L" for lace.
I will keep my needle in motion.....





  1. i absolutely love that basket....such a great way to use different fabric strips. are they stuffed to make them look so puffy. if you do take that to the market, i think you will have everyone asking about it.

  2. You certainly have kept your needle in motion, and have had fun while making these lovely things, even if you got a little help from 'Birdie'!

  3. You are still making such interesting projects, Anneliese. It is good to see all those things since I last looked at your blog too long ago. Your basket is so colourful and unusual and such a good size for storing things. Beautiful delicate laces you are working, as well as lovely crossstitched letters.

  4. That bag is a delight! I wondered if it had been padded in strips too?

  5. where did you get this pattern? it is wonderful-would love to make one. so cheerful and bright-