20 Jan 2015

Little crazy quilt quilted

I did a lot of quilting on this - straight lines by machine because
of the already very vivid texture and some little details by hand

The cut edge of a commercial snake - I made a face of

This looks rather like a house on fire but it could also be
my enthusiasm for quilts....

See the cat face - I am not very good at this

Another "cut snake" this time with face and tongue

Entirely made of scraps - really small ones while DH was working
in the French house. 

Hier once more the quilt without shades. You know by now my DH.
He wants to take photos in the sun - I don't and do my own.
Of course no quilting lines can be seen.....


  1. It is a vibrant quilt and full of life, snakes, cats and what-nots.

  2. It is absolutely stunning, Anneliese! Fun quilt, I should think :-)

  3. Lots of fun colour and movement. Using your scraps is an added bonus!

  4. Really wonderful! It is such fun and totally unique.

  5. what a lovely bright and colourful quilt to see on a grey day here in Toowoomba. I love the quilt and all the interesting little places.

  6. your little face is so cute :) this is a truly lovely piece....