16 Jun 2014

Eye-Tree --- finished

Totally crazy, you will say. But I am somehow inspired

by the tree in our French garden - he is looking with a

very serious nearly sad eye over our doings.

Here he is again.

Serious tree


So here another tree with eyes: Compared with the real tree this one is rather

strict - severe - ridgid ..... about the growth beneath his feet.

And I wanted to stitch something funny.

The postcard was done in Sharon's class on Sumptuous Surface Embroidery.







  1. Can see that tree is watching you Anneliese, just be careful what you do in front of it! Your sumptous post card is certainly very beautiful, lovely technique

  2. So many types of different stitches and textures makes the piece lovely!!

  3. This is a 'watch your stitches' tree! Great fun!

  4. wonderful work.

  5. Anneliese, I had already bookmarked your blog & am following you. I love your work and am inspired by everyone. Rita

  6. A really wonderful interpretation of your fascinating tree! Your stitching is very exciting, so much texture!

  7. I was immediately struck by the wonderful colours. There is so much to see, and yet it is orderly, but still so creative. The arrangements of the pulled thread stitches make a nice background. Mr. Tree reminds me of a stodgy old man who was in charge of an office I worked in as a girl. Always peering over our shoulders to check for typing errors. Your Mr. Tree made me laugh.
    You have stitched a wonderful variety of different sumptuousness. I love it to bits.


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