16 Jun 2014

Walk in the evening

In southern countries people go out in the evening
So we are leaving at half past 8 pm with our bikes
we park them somewhere and then stroll around.

Boutique - entrance round the corner
Shops and boutiques are still open -
I am looking at the pavement
pounded by hand - I believe ---- himself at beautiful girls in the shops

Empty road
no people? They are sitting in restaurants and cafés
watching football - it is about 9 pm


  1. Hello dear readers, Do you maybe know the expert word for "pounding the pavement stones" - I would be delighted to know it.

  2. do you mean 'hand made stones'...the term 'pounding the pavement' in the US means something like on a mission to find something ... like a job. example: he lost his job and he spent his days pounding the pavement.

  3. I tried to find the answer to your question on google and the nearest I think could relate to the pavement stones is...... .Pounded can mean to beat or thump of crush or pulverise so perhaps the stones were beaten into the the dirt so they remained permanently. There could be layers of them. There is a slang term also ...."to pound the pavements" which is related to walking the streets unrelentinly looking for a job.This looks a wonderful little town. No wonder you like to visit there.

  4. Beautiful photos Anneliese. I cant answer your question - I dont know either. Can I ask where abouts these photos are taken?

  5. sorry cannot help with the pounding it is a new word to me. I know I would much rather be walking around these very quaint streets than watching football

  6. I'd be happy to join you, and Margaret, for a night time stroll rather than sit and watch football!

  7. Hi Anneliese. If you mean the construction, it is called "laying the stones", or "constructing":
    Whatever, it is beautiful :-)


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