22 Jun 2014

Fabric beads

I am using the buttonholed double chain stitch - a Tast stitch - (Tast stands for Take a Stitch Tuesday)
for embellishment of fabric beads - which will once be mounted into a necklace.

Feather stitch and..... I forgot the name of the one on the right.

We have been invited to this dish "Gregada" (it could be an Italian name for a fish dish
- Italy is on the other side of the Adriatic sea just 200 km away.

We spent a lovely evening
with a family of musicians - everything violins

but also red wine - we were four 4 people and represented three nations, three of them
changed their nationality so four nationalities were involved. Difficult? Such is Europe.

This is also Croatia - it is the feast of Corpus Christi
Beautiful dog - his spine is a wonderful line finding continuation in her tail - she is a lady
A necklace without beads.


  1. oh the beads. i love them. it's given me an idea of how to cover some corks i have. sounds like you are having a grand time. enjoy.

  2. You are blessed with the cross culture of Europe.
    Lovely fabric beads, an excellent way to decorate them with TAST stitches.

  3. interesting what you are doing here to make a necklace. So good to have a get together, wonder if there qwas a language problem or were you all bilingual

  4. Did the fish dish tast as good as it looked. Sounds like a fun night with your friends of 3 nationalities. I love that lace necklace. It is quite unique.
    Your fabric beads will make an interesting necklace.

  5. Beautiful necklace, and I really like your beads. Sounds like a very fun time.

  6. Love the stitched beads, it is going to be a fun necklace. The one without the beads is interesting too. Did you buy it? The fish dish looks yummy - sounds like you are having a wonderful holiday and enjoying some good company.


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