13 Mar 2014

WWW in an old cowshed

Here www means WINDOW WIDE WEB - I simply must show

also this window in the cow house of an old farmhouse in France


Cows have gone long ago -

Those found a way out of their pasture and enjoyed a lovely day in liberty.

In this French village are living 3000 cows and 350 inhabitants.

And it is me on the bike.



  1. The web photo is wonderful! Love seeing you biking along the cow paths.

  2. I would love to live in a place with such peaceful scenery - but only for a few months. I am a big city person. Thank you for the shot of the spider webs. It is an interesting window. Can we see more photos of your surroundings?

  3. it looks such a peaceful place Anneliese, beats the city every day of the week. My dream is to move to the countryside shame it is just a dream

  4. Wow! That is really impressive.


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