14 Mar 2014

Bärlauch - bear leek

News from Germany (I will tell you at this place from where I am writing - because we are changing between
                                   Germany and France - in France is the renovation going on in an old house)

Bear leek - Allium ursinum ----- in German: Bärlauch
It is very aromatic and reminds of garlic without the smelly breath afterwards.
I use it like parsley and put it on our salad.
Moreover, I made a dip with fresh cheese and cream cheese,
salt, pepper and mustard and mixed in a lot of chopped leaves.
And I froze the rest. But we will go again to get more.

Bear leek on a grandmother's flowergarden bag - I made it years ago

We collected it in the woods near our village -

how it is growing
we always go by bike

The woods are still leafless - but our temperatures are springlike
In front of our house
the magnolia is going to be wonderful.


  1. I am catching up, and have read the last few of your posts. Oh dear, the wall wasnt what your DH expected for the shelf to hang on. Beautiful spring photos, your lego quilt will look lovely. More lovely embroidery stitching. xx

  2. i have not heard of the garlic herb but sounds like a delicious addition to your salads.

    Love love love magnolias

  3. nice images. sounds like a yummy salad. and i love the hexagons.

  4. no smelly breath sounds good but I own up to disliking garlic but love onions. The magnolia tree is further on then mine, Hope you are still in France when it is in full flower so you can post a photo

  5. The dip sounds delicious and no smelly breath even better! I have not heard of this before

  6. I use it to stuff a chicken, just put a handful in. It gives the chicken just enough hint of garlic.


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