20 Mar 2014

New stitch - Tast 104 and 105 - and news of the magnolia

Buttonholed cable chain

My first row is simply a cable chain

Then the grey one: I put little crowns on the buttonholed cable

And the red one: I buttonholed only every other cable chain and couldn't

but plant a French knot in the free cable chain stitch.

I dyed this yarn myself - I hope it will never get in touch with water!


Now in full bloom

The sky was blue - but not like that. It is the friendliness of my iphone.



me taking photos ... the hedge is being cut by the boss of the house




  1. Beautiful magnolia photos:-)

  2. I must admit that I admire your patience with various stitches :-)
    Lovely tree in your front garden; nice to have a glimpse of where you live..

  3. Lovely stitching especially the buttonhole crowns on the cable chain. It's such a good year for Magnolias, beautiful show!

  4. I like the way you have done alternate stitches with the buttonhole, still no flowers on my magnolia just buds.