22 Mar 2014

"Lego" - quilt - more of the magnolia


A glimpse of my lego quilt - a small part of it against the window

Looks like a modern church window -

and I don't take it very seriously with the seam allowances, no quilt police

living near me.

I sewed it together and will show the finished blanket very soon.

Same strip in front of my neighbourhood.

My friends were not at all satisfied with my easy taking the width of the strips.

I am not worried. This blanked will be used as a wrap. The real colour is very....

I tell you VERY colourful.

The sky was blue !!! So this is a photo with a blue cast.

At our meeting on Friday (yesterday) we ate this crisp bread

with sparkling wine in the beginning. It was homemade!

We call it the most beautiful Friday of the month (when we meet).

Knäckebrot homemade

The spindles are very decorative. The lower one was made for me

by DH of a patchwork friend - it was such a surprise for me.

I am making my first attempts with spinning - a difficult start:

with silk hankies. I want to make silk threads for ..... I don't know what,

we will see. ---- I will never know if I don't try.

If I don't succeed I will try it with wool ---



The beauty is still on the tree

and more beauties.



  1. you have certainly captured stained glass look with this quilt, very nice Anneliese. Spinning now I do not think there is anything left for you to try.

  2. Hi, Anneliese. Your lego quilt is gorgeous and when held up to light, it shimmers. Lovely magnolias, as well.
    best, nadia

  3. oh yes...your lego quilt does look like a beautiful stained glass window. looks like your doing fine with the spinning. it just takes lots of practice. i love the look of your unusual spindles.

  4. The bright colors of your quilt are perfect. You have so much talent. I wonder what you will make with your spinning? I can almost smell that magnolia. I am ready for the spring flowers to bloom here in Iowa.

  5. Your lego Quilt looks great. Love the strong colors.
    Spinning ...... for me that would be a too big challenge. But you have the courage.

  6. I agree....a cathedral window, beautiful stained glass...

  7. Wow that is a great quilt. I love the stained glass effect. Good luck with the spinning.
    The colour of your magnolia flowers is magnificent


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