16 May 2017

Street sale also known as vide-grenier in France

I did not sell much - a few old silver bracelets
which I wore as a.girl
I decided to separate from those little quilts -
nobody was interested

I thought that people overlooked them and so I hang them up
on the gate - with the second cloudburst they got draining wet 
- and today they are still mine
Quite a disorder on the tables - but this is a fleamarket
A lady was interested in my fabric bundles - she returned once more 
and took another one - a bundle was for 2€ - very bon marché
But I admit I didn't like the fabrics anymore - 

DH is keeping me company - sitting under the sunshade
See the puddle near our table? The rain was so heavy  -  we ran with
plastic foils to cover things up
And used the parasol as an umbrella

Sun came up again  and we were happy to have the sunshade 
in its proper use

DH is playing the piano behind the fence - and what do you think
He earned 1€ - yes 1 Euro -
The potholder grew during those 8 hours in the street ---
and is finished now. - The tablecloth is from - who do I know???
Could be from an aunt - cousin of my mother


  1. shame I could not have come and browsed at your sales table I am sure I would have come home with lots of goodies, how good to have the piano playing in the background. Good to read the rain did not last and the sun returned but sad that the mini quilts got so wet, they look good hanging on the fence.

  2. A flea market is a good idea, but unfortunately, it can be hard to sell items that other people might also have too many of. As for those lovely small quilts, you might need to show how they can be used (wall hanging, table mat, a pocket on a shopping bag....)
    Good thinking to have plastic covers and a parasol ready.

  3. O I would have bought some of your little quilts. Well prepared for all weather situations :-)

  4. Im surprised that your little quilts were not snapped up by someone quickly. They are so wonderful. I would have bought some if I had been there. Good thing you had the umbrella to sit under.

  5. Sounds like a fun day, glad the sun came out after all! I bet DH is proud of his 1 Euro! And you made a lovely potholder all the while.