5 Feb 2014


Some places are still empty - I will take it and continue doodling.

In general it is looking exactly like Dianne's only if you would compare the two side by side you could see the differences. Here at this place: Thank you so much Dianne for this link. I am learning a lot from you.

It started like that:

Dianne gave me also a link to Diana Trout -
only I can't find anymore her video of doodling. Her blog is wonderful. You should not miss it.
Anyway, you can see that it is a continuous line nowhere crossing itself. I began on the top left side corner.
Then the fun starts and you fill in with whatever you can think of.
Bye bye for today....



  1. doodling is so much fun and leads to lots of interesting designs and ideas.

  2. I like your doodles! I watched the same video and put it on my to-do-list, but for now the needle and thread is calling more. Lucky for you I put the video in my favourites, so here's the link:

  3. I would call this line meditation! Perfect to just let the pen draw the line where it wants to go. The result is fab!

  4. love your squiggles Anneliese but I must not have a go, not enough hours in the day but will look forward to following your doodling, Zentangle is very popular here in the UK

  5. Lovely doodling piece, Anneliese. Yours has some very interesting shapes which I am sure you will use somewhere else. It is a nice feeling to let your mind run free occasionally.

  6. Ich mag, wie du hier gekritzelt. Ich habe noch nie vorher eine Kontur und dann kritzeln innen gedacht. Es ist ausgezeichnet.

    Besuchen Sie meine Stickerei / redwork Blog, wenn Sie interessiert sind.

    I like how you doodled here. I have never thought of creating an outline first and then doodling inside. Cool! (I used Google translate above. Hope it worked OK.)

    Check out my embroidery/ redwork blog if you are interested. (GYB)



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