6 Feb 2014

The bunch

Quilting started

The tulle on the bottom right protects the unfixed scraps

I thought to make a vase and this is tissue paper to try it.

But I rejected this idea.


A quote:

Freddy Moran - Experience the joy of your own quilts

"Experience the joy of your own quilts. It doesn't make any difference what other people think of your own quilt. It's yours--it should be joyful to you. Don't pay attention to the rules--break them if that's what it takes to make the quilt joyful for you."

Tadaa --- l think I broke many rules ........






  1. breaking the rules is how new techniques are discovered. it's looking beautiful. such wonderful colors and i love your freeform stitching.

  2. Yee! I didnd't know this quilt was so large! Great work!

  3. when you shared this the other day Anneliese I had no idea it was a big quilt, thought it was just a small piece, it really is delightful looking forward to seeing photo of the whole piece.

  4. I think you broke them all and isn't it wonderful!!

  5. I too didn't know it was such a large piece - well done. Your colours are beautiful as usual and the stitching is bringing it all together - I love the variegated thread you are using

  6. you're quilt experimentation is very interesting. these bright colors are nice and the embroideries look perfect on them.

  7. Yes I had the idea it was a smaller piece. This is amazing Anneliese, the vibrant colour and the clever stitching. and who cares about rules they were made to be broken anyway.


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