4 Feb 2014

A bunch of scrappy plants

I love free patchwork and I have a full box of scraps
So what would be nearer than making something out of them?
This is a first concept.
I don't throw away anything, every little scrap disappears in this box
and today was the moment and the decision made.
I want to create something of it.
I took a linen pillow case out of my stash and cut it in two parts.
I bought it years ago second-hand ---- a wonder of a find, for less than
an apple and an egg (as we say). Linen!
Now I am looking for lightish scraps to form a back ground

Oh gosh. A thread came out, too - it looks like a bird but it will not
play any role in this drama ----- after a few minutes it wasn't to be seen anymore.
The chaos is great in the beginning.
After reflecting quite some time and also at night I came to the conclusion
that it would be best to stick the fabric scraps to the background with this
special "Hi-Tech" (what a name) fabric glue - just a little bit so they won't move
when I go over them with the machine.

Like that. With a multi-coloured Madeira machine embroidery thread
which I love.
I hope you have as much fun as I.


  1. this is beautiful, modern art and watercolour painting all in one! But I don't need another reason to keep scraps, I already have too many.

  2. I love the first photo. You must be feeling so good to just 'let it loose.' Keep it up and before you know it, you won't have any scraps left.

  3. oh i absolutely love it. i have loads of baskets and plastic bags filled with scraps. they come in so handy. several years ago, i took online classes with Pamela Allen. she does this type of scrap quilting. here's a link to her work. you might enjoy looking through them and get some more ideas. http://www.pamelart.com/

  4. This is just wonderful Anneliese. So modern. you are keeping very busy.

  5. Oh my gosh Anneliese. This is incredible - I have just done the same thing and I have made my mess - oops I mean collage - into a little book cover for journal pages. Great idea using the fabric glue spray. I stuck all mine down with vleisofix but where they overlap was a bit troublesome. Thank you to Deanna for linking to that lovely website of Pamela's.

  6. What a great way to use up old scraps. In this kind of work that very odd looking piece of fabric can always find a place and nothing needs to be thrown away.
    I really enjoyed these 'scrappy plants'!

  7. I am so impressed with this Anneliese what a lovely piece you have created out of scraps. Wish I had lots and lots too as I would have a go as well but been cutting mine into hexies for the hexie BOM pieces.

  8. The free patchwork is beautiful. I was reading on how you kept all the pieces together using the Hi Tech spray glue, very clever. I would have thought that it would stiffen the fabric and make it difficult to sew....I'll have to give it a try (we have a similar product in the USA)


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