22 Apr 2018

Scarf or shawl

Look at this column - it is my newest shawl
made of Kid Silk by Drops Design

The length is 150 cm lovely cosy and soft - nevertheless I am happy
not to have to wear it - because we are in the middle of spring

The apple-tree looks promising for a good crop - but please slowly -
in autumn - a long way still

And what looks like late snow are just the blossom leaves

Fabrication of purses will always be a favorite of mine
This one went to Karin N. A Japanese fabric - those fabrics which
I bought in Japan long ago don‘t go well together with our usual 
patchwork materials

Another one underwent a small embellishment
following the print of the fabric.


  1. Gorgeous shawl! Looks so soft.
    So many apples... OMG ... whatever will you do with them all?
    I want to find a bunch of zippers for bags - your are quite splendid. Maybe I should check at a charity shop.

    1. I bought them online - in Germany - I wrote you. A bunch of them, all the same size, 35 cm. Very bon marché!

  2. How clever to add an embroidered bird to the print of the bag!
    You will be busy eating and cooking apples in autumn.
    The shawls looks so comfortable, pity it has to be put away now that spring finally has come.

    1. Queenie, I am not at all sad about not using the shawl now, I can wait so well.