10 Apr 2018

Adding some stitches

But then I think some embellishment would not
be wrong and I started to make stitched detached leaves

I used some woven picot stitch versions
as I took them from Sharon B‘s stitch dictionary

sketching the stitches into my own book of stitches with samples

From left to right:
woven picot - two-pronged picot - closed-base needle-woven picot - drizzle stitch

The two-pronged woven picot I found in Kate Sinton‘s „Stumpwork“

For the apple stem the drizzle stitch is just the thing.

The needle is not nicely drawn - anyway take out the thread from the needle 
and make buttonhole stitches around the needle. Finally you thread the needle
again and pull the thread through all the buttonhole stitches.

Aren‘t the drizzle stitches just like withered apple blossoms? 


  1. How appropriate to add those stitches to the apple print!

  2. Ha! This looks great. Gives it depth.