26 May 2018

New home

When it is sunny I have a superb view out of the diningroom window

I even love when rain invents a beading pattern on my newly cleaned windows

Surprising visitors - Feuersalamander - (Salamandra salamandra) 
I took „him“ with gloved hands
and offered him a nice grassy place - a friend told me that he can
induce allergy -

DH handled this visitor - a harmless one - I wouldn‘t know of poisonous
snakes in our country.

And now let me sit and knit after all this moving chaos
No big project - a project of fantasy - using up left-overs of cotton yarns
so many lovely colours
Knitting without plan - short rows - purl - knit - change colours at random
and produce a happy wash cloth - 

I am sitting in the middle of Schwarzwald - Black Forest - on our
balcony - it is like very exclusive holidays - and we are at home here.
I think we are lucky people.

This is growing around the house - and if I can believe my patchwork friends
and I believe them !
it is called Giersch and can be processed into various dishes - tarts, soups,
Gewöhnlicher Giersch (Aegopodium podagraria)

I can gather lots of it. Years ago I weeded it in our garden and succeeded ! 
Today I know better and regret this ignorant rampage - 
I am going to read recipes.

Nice arrangements - seen on our evening walk.

Bye-bye till next time.


  1. Guinea pigs love Giersch! But when you don't take attention, you have no Giersch, but too many guinea pigs - what is better? :-D
    Your photos are beautiful, it looks like you live where other people go for holiday!
    Best wishes from Frau Frosch

    1. Frau Frosch, wonderful comment! Thank you - we have no guinea pigs. We ate the Giersch for a try - but - oh no - not my taste, even if cut very finely it is a chewing business, reminds of cows lying on the grass ruminating.

    2. Do you like pesto? Then you could try Giersch instead of basil, then it is more than fine and no chewing business ;-).

    3. Hallo Frau Frosch (ich liebe den Namen) - ach das mit dem Giersch ist so eine Sache. Bekannte (natürlich mein Patchworkkreis) haben Pesto damit gemacht und niemandem hats geschmeckt. Ich glaube, ich lasse die Finger davon davon und spare mir die Mühe. es gibt noch Bärlauchpesto zuhauf - aber man soll nie nie sagen. Liebe Grüsse.

  2. I am so glad to hear from you again. You must have been busy with the move. Your new home is right in the green of nature with various 'neighbours', but also flowers and edible plants.
    Enjoy knitting with a view!

    1. Queenie, yes not much time lately, but we are enjoying anyway. Blogging affords a lot of sitting at the computer/iPad. In my second blog anasluap.blogspot.com I counted 8 acquaintances and still 292 more to go and get to know - if not all, it doesn't matter. No, still one lady more, who told us a bit of the feasting here in this small village.

  3. Yes, you are very lucky, it looks lovely! :-)

    1. Thank you so much Radka, it IS lovely around here and not far to drive. XXX

  4. Haha Anneliese I could have told you about Giersch. And when you are so lucky to have eliminated of your garden you are a heroe for me. I never had success with that. It´s a pest.
    But beside the Giersch it seems to be lovely there. We will come but first we will enjoy the sea.

    1. I must be a hero in your sense - among the raspberry bushes 40 years ago a jungle was growing - neigbors called it Franzosenkraut (wie unschön) - Je ne suis pas d‘accord avec de telles expressions....

  5. Oh, HOW EXCITING, Anneliese!! Will this be your permanent home or will it take the place of the house in Francerland? What wonderful views!! It just looks MARVELLOUS!! Rest up and enjoy now for a bit.