24 Mar 2018

A handmade doll and utensil of an old time

I want to have this doll in my blog - she is sitting on the open chimney and
looking at me whenever I pass there and this is about x-times a day. 
As if she was asking:
Won‘t you play with me - or something the like, or where is my mum?
It is dear daughter‘s (DD) creation from about 30 years ago - 
She is sitting next to a jug from Sicily.

This is a beautiful instrument - it is for combing wool or maybe hemp - 
we found it on a French marché aux puces - a fleamarket 
Unserious people call it mother-in-law seat - 
I wouldn‘t have allowed mine to sit on it - (see a picture of her below)

The nails are handmade - forged - and square
The whole board is looking like this

and from the backside like this

A close-up of the backside - square nails which reach to the
front and are about 10 cm long. The nails are hand-forged. 
I know nothing about the age - I guess more than a hundred years.

The circles look like embellishment - they probably came from using the

And more old things

This photo is about 100 years old and it is DH‘s family
One of the girls is his mother - the eldest

I finished „wild liberty“ named for the many Liberty fabrics
and it is looking wild, I know - the next one will be made with
more of a system - if ever - those five corners to fit together are asking
a lot of patience!

EPP - English paper piecing - sewn by hand over paper - 
except for the final finish which is done by machine

Happy Easter to you all


  1. In Japanese flower arrangements you need a small version of that nail-cushion to push down the stems of flowers on so they flowers stay in place.
    Thank you for showing us your daughter's doll. She has great personality.

  2. I love the little dolly! She's wonderful! I really like that ??? whatsit too. Looks like a flower frog but too big. Maybe for holding cheese while you grate it or something?
    I tried to thank you for your comment on my blog Anneliese hut it would not let me do it so I'll say thanks here. REALLY enjoying painting again!!