26 Feb 2018

It is the one we chose in exchange for the farmhouse in France
The snow is the same - but it is 300 m lower and easy to reach
We will drvie about 90 minutes.
It is the Black Forest - Schwarzwald, South Germany

I am standing in the garden and looking to the neigbours‘ ground
There won‘t be much gardening - which I like -  there is no fence - which I like, too.
The little play house will belong to us.

I like already the village and the castle which is about 300 m away

I think we will spend lovely holidays and weekends here, with family and friends
The caste in the village
and how it looked in old times

The fir trees are huge - and dark - hence the name Black Forest.

I couldn’t help but take this idyllic encampment on a Sunday afternoon at the
grandparents‘ - after a good meal - but also after the straining olympic games at night
on the sofa - not to forget the visit to the disco with friends - (the younger one of them) 

While all this is happening I am sewing something in the evenings
EPP - English paper piecing - all by hand

trying out - does it fit?
No —- not yet

trying - sewing - turning around

I can‘t tell yet what it will be.


  1. Beautiful new place, congratulations :-)

  2. I hope you will have many happy days in your new second home. Japan is next door to Korea so the OS games were shown during our day time, no need to watch in the middle of the night as you did!
    Great paper piecing, so colourful.

  3. How magical and delightful your new place. Enjoy and be blessed.

  4. That is really a nice place. Sure we will visite you.

  5. I love your paper piecing! And, your new home is a delight!

  6. I love all those beautiful fabrics in your paper piecing. Your new home is l picture perfect. I am sure you will be happy there.

  7. I hope you will have much happiness in your new place! :-)

  8. Congratulations. Your new house and ground look beautiful.