10 Feb 2018

In January and February

It is sold  - our farmhouse. We had it nearly 23 years and have 
now many lovely memories

While waiting at the notary‘s office - swinging with 
our feet

This is hanging above our heads

At home we are in a funny mood (some days later)
It is carnaval at our gymnastics.We did our exercises -
but afterwards - sparkling wine and not little

But what I like most is to enjoy myself in my
studio - this is a cosmetic bag - not my idea
If you are interested here is the link:

With the pattern to download
It is made in a few hours - but oh my dear - it
is a lot of fiddling nevertheless

I might still doing some handstitching on it to flatten
the seams.
But then in the weeks before - I knitted socks .... enough....
for grandsons LL and YL

Below are YL‘s feet - they, the socks, fit well

The second pair i for LL who is coming sometimes on 
Sundays - for lunch with us - and to play football - he grew
up in the United States and is studying now in our town

The end!


  1. Well, you two appear to be in great, happy form. Thatpretty cow in Francerland looks sad that you are leaving. Lovely knitting,Anneliese.

  2. So much has happened in your life. It must be hard to let go of a house you've had for so many years. Nice socks! Lucky grandsons!