11 Jan 2018


Two days ago people in our French village woke up 
to this surprise. Our young friendly neighbour sent us 
the photos - as we are not able to be there because of health issues.

The village road -
and behind the house - the last flooding seems
to have been 30 years ago.

We deposited our furniture from the farmhouse in the barn
ajoining the house - we hope the damage will be not too bad. 
There are boxes and boxes full stuff gathered during lovely
summer stays in the Vosges - also many books - dictionaries and
non-fiction - about nature and wild animals and the region.

We got these absolutely charming New Year whishes from
the future proprietors of the farm house. Their 3 year old son
built the snowman. He is a love of a boy and the snowman tells
it all. We are happy that our so well cared of farmhouse will
be in good hands in a few weeks.

Meanwhile I am using the recovering time of DH
to work on a combined fabric-paper book.

Teapot and cup made by pulled stitches, but helas -
the fabric did not give itself to be pulled - so it looks
like stitched

Stitches everywhere

I love to do some needle lace


  1. The needlelace looks great in the sunshine.
    The village looks dreadful in the flood.
    The snowman looks charming on the rock.
    I hope your husband's rehabilitation looks good!

  2. Oje, so viel Wasser. Ich hoffe, es hat Euer Hab und Gut verschont. Deine Stickereien sind immer wieder schön.

  3. Oh, how sad for you and the new owners too! I DO hope that the damage is not too much and that all of the things in storage are safe Nd dry! I also hope that you and DH are feeling better!!! Hope it is not serious , Anneleiese?? DO, please take care. Your embroidery is really lovely! I have a lot of pieces of old embroidery and hand crochetedm hNd tatted lace from DH's Mum and Grannies! LOVE it and I USE it! Take care, My Friend and feel MUCH better, VERY soon!

  4. I hope the waters are receding by now? Any signs of spring at your house? There are very few here today. Snowdrops ARE coming but it is VERY cold and blustery today. I hope you are both well?