2 Aug 2017

Blog is not forgotten - little quilts and the castle of Oricourt(France)

I am more often posting on Instagram - it is easy and instant
but I don't forget my blog.
An old square block with the four edges folded in
a little embroidery on it and
another pin cushion emerged
The quilt for the new bathroom in our "house of renovation" 
in blue and green - water themed. - this is the basting
and then some quilting - by machine - not finished yet
family is coming from Switzerland and the States
and my work must stand back

DH did some work - he constructed
new shutters - wooden and painted to fit with the ones
which will stay in place - made of plastic. 

Arent't they just perfect. And it was so hot while he worked
A place-set rather than a little quilt in English paper piecing EPP
I don't think I would ever place my coffee mug on it 

I started to quilt it by hand - circles
It was Sunday - so we decided to visit a castle - which is more or
less a ruin - interesting and of medieval times (12th century)
with an added farmhouse of the 19th century (no photo)

Picturesque sights

But look at this tower and how nature conquers it back
trees are growing on top and ivy is creeping up
The view is fantastic
The castle is surrounded by a ditch which was
never filled with water 

The couple who undertook this enormous work is
living in a small part of the castle - the rest are just walls

And here I am now - in the Vosges and am having this lovely sight.


  1. love that castle...you are surrounded by so much beauty.

  2. So many things to see!
    Lovely pincushions, a good way to 'recycle' an odd block.
    I admire your free motion quilting!

  3. good to see you have written a blog, lots of lovely makes the pin cushion is so pretty far too nice to stick pins in. Wonder what you stuff it with. Bathroom piece coming along so well and loving the large hexies you are hand quilting. Now a bit puzzled which house you are working on with new shutters etc. Castle looks an interesting place to visit. Enjoy your visitors

  4. Oh, what a wonderful post, Anneliese! It cheers my heart to see your lovely little pincushion and the Vosges photos! SUCH a beautiful part of France. We visited very briefly in 1981! I have the memories and visions in my head still:-)

  5. Lovely pin cushion...I too like the quickness of instagram, but still love to post to my blog. The castle is so lovely and the countryside is beautiful.