8 Jul 2017

Ties to bag

Fleamarket in France - they call it vide-grenier (empty attic)
I couldn't go past those ties. -
actually DH discovered them - I go to such events
telling to myself: "I hope I won't buy anything"
(a saying which I adopted  from old patchwork friend Ulla - 
no more among us)

Colours were just asorted wonderfully
light blue and one with black stripes for accent

Now I was trying to bring together those ties - making a bag
but had to ask Deanna of http://eclectic-meanderings.blogspot.fr/  for the pattern
I made a bag of ties before but didn't store the pattern
And dear Deanna sent it to me instantly after asking her

The advantage of internet!
She made bags with three ties. I wanted a bit a bigger one 
and tried it with four ties.

After pinning and tacking and undoing and again pinning 
that is what came out
It is rather solid and sturdy for I used the ties as they were.

We are slowly moving our things from Haute-Saône to the
Vosges into our farmhouse - we want to give up the
"house of renovation" - We feel that it is to far to go to
from Germany.

Table and garden chairs in the trailor - 811m altitude
It is about the fourth loading - we are driving 1 hour 
from house to house.

Look at this sight - from the east side of the house.
So beautiful! We will spend soon some time here with our children
Same procedure as every year!


  1. Great bag, and instantly lined, too!

  2. such a good way to use up old ties ts has worked so very well. Happy moving have you got a buyer for the house yet?

  3. Das ist ja eine tolle Tasche. Guter Kauf und gute Arbeit.

  4. Your tie bag turned out perfect! A great way to repurpose those ties. Good luck with selling your reno house and especially good luck with finding a new one to replace it.

  5. What a fabulous way to upcycle the ties! Beautiful bag!