17 Jun 2017

Impressions of my birthday parties

A wonderful day - so we could celebrate it - a bit belated - in the garden
starting from left: Sister - brother - sister in law - me - sister in law
missing is the eldest brother because of very serious illness 
and the husband of sister who sadly passed away last year
The empty chair - you know of course - its the photographer's one

DH is always present
here preparing 80 candles - who would get 80 candles ....
Last year he made it for himself - now for me
He is special!

One week earlier my patchwork friends were with us for my anniversary
We had so much fun and weather was as fine as the Sunday with the family
(see above)

A wonderful stuffed bird - my friend Angelika made it
she is making the most wonderful things and offering 
them to me

And now this rose and cinnia arrangement of friend Edith
with a table rocket in the middle in pink - how lovely

The birthday rocket is burning (Edith and me)

There were also Watraud and Theresia with lovely gifts
so sorry no photos - maybe at a later date

And now in France:

I have again time - this UFO will be finished I swear it
 - English paper piecing
It is nice to do in the garden - in our French garden
The colours are very strange - but they are as they are....finito!

It was probably in a special mood when I chose the fabrics - 
one year ago.

I love everything in this French garden

We will give it up - and sell the house

While stitching in the afternoon I have such lovely sights

The farmhouse in France

Many roofs - barns for elephants (we made our jokes about it)


  1. How lovely to have a Party outside. France looks lovely. I must book a holiday there sometime.

  2. lovely pictures. wishing you a very happy birthday. i stopped celebrating when i was 18.

  3. congratulations Anneliese and happy birthday how lovely to have the family to celebrate with.
    Sorry to read you are going to sell the house in France after all the hard work DH put into it or maybe that is why he worked so hard on doing it up.
    Good to see your EPP I have not done any for a while now

  4. Many happy returns of the day! What a party you had! Great to celebrate it is the garden with family and flowers. Did you manage to blow out all the candles in one go? Then you are YOUNG!
    What a pity you are selling your wonderful French farmhouse after all the work you have put into it.

  5. Belated b'day wishes Anneliese.
    Your EPP blocks looks so neat!

  6. Belated Happy Birthday! 😃xxx

  7. Belated happy birthday Anneliese! I have been sick and have not been paying attention! Looks like a LOVELY party! Xxoo

  8. A. Lovely setting in the garden to celebrate you birthday Anneliese. Happy Birthday and wishing you wonderful, prosperous years ahead.

  9. Belated Happy Birthday Anneliese! May you have a wonderful and blessed year this year! I hope you day was filled with much love and happiness!