8 May 2017

Making a collage from scraps

I am not very happy with it - so I am showing now just part of it
I am adding bit and again cutting off scraps which I don't like
But more in another post.

Originally it was a little stitched picture which I made in Sharon Boggons class
"Studio Journal" several years ago. I like to use things again and change them.


The flamingo fabric was too strong in colour 
so it was cut into pieces - and like that the flamingo enjoys
the water, the lake and the pond

It is this motiv of Vincent Van Gogh which I used also for another embroidery
(below). I liked the swirls of the wind and suns - or are they stars 
and possibly a moon in the dark sky?

I used many stitches from Sharon's "Take a Stitch Tuesday" - which is still running


  1. so interesting to see how you have played around with this piece. Love the flamingo fabric you have added and the Van Gogh has worked beautifully you have great imagination the way you can take a piece and make it into something different

  2. You are so very creative. I fell in love with the art of Van Gogh when I was still a small school girl and think the bold brush strokes make perfect quilting designs. The TAST stitches you have used are just right for what you want to depict. Cutting up the striking fabric certainly has calmed it down.
    Great work, Anneliese.

  3. Your Van Gogh inspired embroidery is coming along beautifully.Love the cute little embroidered houses.Such an interesting scrappy project!