25 May 2017

Making small things

I am preparing to sew hearts and dotee dolls
smalll things - to have something to give away

I was looking in my scrap basket and found enough to make
about a hundred dotee dolls and up to two hundred hearts
Probably i will stop long before....

The mess is growing when I am searching for embellishments
beads rings sequins threads ribbons felt quilting-thread

Karoline came to life leaning on a big pin pillow 

Then there are red-haired Jabuka (the name means apple in Croatian,
chosen because of the apple fabric)
and the blue-eyed Specky (named for her spectacles)

The peonies from the garden 
they lasted about one week -
now at the slightest bump they drop their petals


  1. love those little dolls and gorgeous flowers.

  2. They are so cute, love the pineapple one.

  3. I had not heard of Dotee dolls until now. They are so sweet!
    Have a great weekend.
    Blessings from Sue @ blessingsofthread.blogspot.com

  4. I bet the peonies perfume the house with their scent.
    The dotee dolls are packed with charm. Love the names you have given them, too.

  5. cute dolls not sure what a dotee doll is?

  6. Those peonies are so beautiful! I love making hearts and I used to make dotee dolls as well. If you ever would like to do a heart and doll swap let me know and I will swap with you. I used to make them and swap all the time and then they seemed to lose their appeal for swapping.:) They are fun to make.