23 Apr 2017

Greenhouse news

There will be good "effects" in summer and autumn - I hope.

Border creating - my great-great-grandmother would have done that
But she couldn't load it into internet - Not anyone from USA, Japan, Australia
Canada, Germany, France or Spain had the chance to see it
It was kept in cupboards and drawers - and songbooks for the church
...and kept long enough so that some even came down to me together
with crocheting genes.
I am crocheting with perlé 8.

I made a walk alongside the camping ground of our village in France

on this river

 and turning more to the left ---
the bridge

I like the view through the bridge

Cows have a good life 

We have our house in the plane  - at the horizon is the range 
of the Vosges - altitude ca. 1200 m.


  1. Maybe? our ancestors live on in an 'after-life' and give us a nudge at what to do with those genes and the technology of the age. Maybe? your great-great-grandmother is nudging you to share bordering on your blog!
    I love the view though the arches of the bridge, too.

  2. wow....that's some gorgeous greenhouse. lucky you.

  3. so good to see where your home in France is it looks an idyllic place to have, greenhouse is going to keep you both busy. Crochet edge looks lovely you can do so many different crafts with such skill

  4. Thank you ladies for your lovely comments - but I must put something right: The greenhouse is not ours - but son's - and in Switzerland. I don't want to "adorn ourselves with borrowed plumes" - what would he say if he read this?