18 Mar 2017

I followed .....

Mary Corbets tutorial to make this
Lacy buttonhole wheel eyelet
If you are interested here is the link:

I added it on the crazy quilt which has been on the wall
already quite some time

I like lace - and this one is made by machine - idea of
Karen Ruane in her Embroidery School

Sample-making - look at the toggles - one is made of lace
then the "bridge" with the letter S in cross stitch from an earlier
project - everything can find a place in such samples

I will still add something here and there -

Strips of paper embellished by machine with lace and stitches by hand


  1. i saw that lacy buttonhole wheel but haven't had time to play with it. yours is lovely.

  2. I saw that tutorial, too, but have not tried it out yet. It looks great fun. I like your machine lace and the stitched paper art. Yes, there is a place for toggles and bridges on your sampler!

  3. lots of creativity here Anneliese. I have not tried to machine on paper it looks interesting

  4. You are always so inspiring! :-)

  5. Lovely samples that inspire me. Can you stop the clock ticking by ...