29 Dec 2016

White caps in the morning

No snow - but white on top - hoar-frost in our garden
It was in the morning at about ten o'clock
Foolish but I can't remember the name of this plant.
It is like a semper vivum but much larger - light-green stems
with thick leaves and the small flowers are pink and attract bees
in swarms in August.
Maybe someone of my readers.........

A last rose in the frost

And because there is nothing new - due to Christmas time -
I am posting something old - an embroidery from a postcard
painting by Friedensreich Hundertwasser

My postcard looked something like this:
I can't find it anymore - I am sure when I am searching something else
I will come upon it.

The detail is showing the stitches better

It is mounted in an everlasting calender.


  1. loving your Hundertwasser embroidered postcard. nice to look back at the old things.

  2. Wonderful postcard, Anneliese! Happy New Year upcoming. I LOVE the hoar frost photos! That is WONDERFUL- something we rarely get. So lovely to enjoy your photos. Thanks!!

  3. like you we have been having heavy frosts but this morning it is a tiny bit warmer.
    Big fan of Hundertwasser and really liking the embroidery I did a piece years ago for an exhibition based on his work

  4. lovely card! In the picture the dome like thing looks like hot air balloon.In the stitched card it reminds me of the temple domes.
    Wishing you a happy,healthy and creative new year!

  5. A Sedum - possibly Herbstfreude, I think - aka 'Autumn Joy'. I love Hundertwasser's work and your card is beautiful!