7 Jun 2016

From over the mountains


I took small scraps with me with a plan in mind to make a korak project
This is the beginning - all in red tones - pinned

The next lot has been cut and ironed

This is now my third dishcloth and I am really using it. It dries alright - after use - it is cotton.
It is a Drop-design - although it is not necessary to follow a special design here.
My curtains are drying also in the strong wind - called Tramontana (from over the mountains)

A seagull on the roof-decoration - my view over the cup of coffee this morning.


  1. what a good selection of reds you have for your mountain project. I wonder re the dish cloth cotton seems to take ages to dry at least my cotton jumpers do. Those seagulls get everywhere, I am nowhere near the sea but we get them here too

  2. That's a nice view for coffee time. Love the fabric selections, but I'm wondering: what's a korak project? We've been having strong winds here, too, and have gone from hot days in the high 20's to 10.

  3. You are the one who reminds me now and then that I have an unfinished Korak project somewhere! :-) It probably is an ideal thing to take away on holiday. I look forward to seeing more,

  4. You are having beautiful weather and the stitching is looking good. Very colourful!