1 Jun 2016

Happy coffee-hour

We met friends in our café
it is our internet place

It is me in the dark blue cardigan.
We enjoy special low prices as "natives" or wives of natives,  better to say.

My bike - old old -a recycled one  - of course
and an empty bench, because it is very fresh tonight.


  1. Good photo of you! I recognize that bike seat cover!

  2. how good to meet up with friends, interesting that coffee is cheaper when a local, a good idea. Liking the bike they say it is a thing you never forget but I am sure my legs would ache like mad if I tried riding one

  3. Pleasant ways to spend out of doors, either having coffee with friends in a street café or riding around on a red bicycle.

  4. Coffee tastes better with friends. Love your photo. Now that my knee has healed, perhaps I'll try bike riding again.