19 Jun 2016

In the window of the pharmacy

A most wonderful scene of the fairy tale about the princess
on the pea - figures are about 15 cm tall

Sorry about the blurred photos - couldn't do it otherwise

It is the pharmacy in the center of town Hvar, Croatia
Taken in the evening when we make our walk without bikes
Look at those elaborate joints of the curbs - they must be so old

And then today I made the recipe of Radka with apricots. 

When I left home to the internet bar it was still hot - 
and it is sticking to the bottom - I had no better tin than the old pot.
I am in our holiday appartment!
Doesn't matter. It is for DH an me only. 
A glass of wine tonight and thinking of you, Radka, while enjoying.


  1. Looks delicious, and the window display is so charming.

  2. what a wonderful window display. I saw Radka`s recipe sounds very tasty. Maybe you could send some of you heat to us winter coat on the other day and with |Wimbledon due to start next week it will probably stay cold and wet

  3. love the pharmacy display and the cake looks yummy.

  4. I love the window! :-)
    Well done - making the cake on holiday can't be easy! I hope you enjoyed it (after you got it out of the pot!)