26 Jun 2016

I made a potholder and our cherry-tree made fruit for us

I filled the time on the car-ferry on our way back from Hvar with crochet

and  made a potholder

in a double layer - it is a Drops design

And when we came home from holidays the cherry-tree looked like this 
and I tell you - handy from the balkony!


  1. Yummie, cherries are my favourites!

  2. Welcome back. I hope you won't miss Hvar too much.

  3. Delicious looking cherries, and now you have beautiful pot holders, too, for when you cook that cherry jam, or bake that cherry tart!

  4. god way to fill in time on the ferry and a practical creation too. Wow your cherries are ripe mine are still tiny pale green things at the moment and by the time they are nearly ready to pick the birds will have eaten them all

  5. Hi, Anneliese. I always enjoy seeing your meticulous work--even your potholders are gorgeous! Really liked your fabric beads and the tree stitching. I see you're having a very creative summer! best, nadia