15 Jun 2016

In Hvar

Ein Venezianischer Löwe - a Venetian Lion - which is omnipresent
in this town. It was under Venetian reign from the 13th centurywith short breaks
till 1797.
The open book under his paw connotes peace - there were times
when the lion was scrulptured with a closed book.

and a normal little dog - standing not far from me under the lion 
I thought it is funny to post them both.
Slowly I am understanding the pattern - 
after "tinking" (knitting backwards) many times -


  1. Great faces on both animals, and the knitting patterns looks 'tinkery'=complex and difficult.

  2. liking you are knitting backwards sounds much better than undoing!!
    what an expression on the lions face cannot decide what he is thinking

  3. Ha - knitting backwards - I know that! But you´ve got it!